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In Beirut, Woman Forced To Rob A Bank With Toy Pistol So She Could Pay For Sister’s Cancer Treatment

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After I started earning, I realised the importance of money and how some people can cross any limit for it. But what if someone is not returning your hard-earned money back, will you take legal action against them or you will try to threaten them with a plastic toy? I know this sounds very lame but trust me, someone did try to use this strategy because there was no other option. In Beirut, a woman was forced to rob a bank with a toy gun in order to retrieve her savings so she could pay for her sister’s cancer treatment. She has a valid reason though.

On Wednesday, a woman broke into a Beirut bank branch with a toy pistol to reclaim her trapped money. According to the reports, she entered BLOM Bank and demanded access to her funds. The woman, identified as Sally Hafez took $13000 in cash from her own account. She also took around 6 million Lebanese pounds, worth only $160.

Her mother said that Hafez robbed the bank and took money from her own account to pay for her younger sister’s cancer treatment. She mentioned that if she hadn’t done this, her younger sister could have died. She added that all they have is this money in the bank and her elder daughter was forced to take the money from the bank to treat her younger sister.

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For the unversed, the banks in Lebanon have locked all the depositors out of their savings after a financial crisis took place nearly three years ago and it left people struggling to buy basic items they need.

Earlier, a man had tried to rob a commercial bank to withdraw his own funds to pay for his sick father’s treatment. The accused was arrested but then later released without any charges as the bank decided to drop the lawsuit.

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The financial crisis is impacting people’s lives and they can’t do anything but take risky steps to reclaim their hard-earned money.

Image Credits: Mirror

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