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Sana Ramchand Gulwani Became The First Hindu Woman Civil Servant In Pakistan. This Is Great!

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Do I even have to emphasize how, despite the bad news, there are women all over the world getting empowered? How they are doing their best to break the glass ceiling and how they are inspiring millions of young girls to fight for their dreams? When I see these women ruling in every field and making a difference, it gives me a sense of pride. In fact, I recently felt proud when Sana Ramchand Gulwani became the first Hindu woman civil servant in Pakistan. Her example shows that no matter what religion, caste, class, etc. you belong to, you can achieve your dreams if you try hard enough.

Recently, Sana Ramchand Gulwani, a Pakistani woman made history when she became the first Hindu woman to crack the Central Superior Services (CSS) examinations–one of the most difficult exams in Pakistan. She also became the first Hindu woman to be selected for the Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS).


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Coming from the rural area of Shikarpur district in the Sindh province, Sana Ramchand Gulwani is one of the 221 candidates that successfully cleared the CSS. Sana who is also an MBBS doctor shared the news of her result on Twitter. She tweeted, “Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh… I’m pleased to share that by the grace of ALLAH ALMIGHTY, I have cleared the CSS 2020 and been allocated to PAS. All credit goes to my parents.”


Even people from different areas congratulated Sana Ramchand Gulwani by replying to her tweet. In fact, Farhatullah Babar, the senior leader of the Pakistan People Party, also took to Twitter and congratulated the Pakistani Hindu woman. He wrote, “Congratulations to Dr. Sana Ramchand. She has done proud the Hindu community of Pakistan, indeed the whole country.”

According to DNA, this years’ pass percentage for CSS was 2% and Sana Ramchand Gulwani has successfully added her name to the pass list with her hard work. Her achievements don’t stop there. She is even currently pursuing FCPS from Sindh Institute of Urology and Transparent. 

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Sana Ramchand Gulwani has not only created history by becoming the first Hindu woman to crack CSS and get selected for PAS, but she has also become an inspiration for all the young women in Pakistan. She is an example of the fact that if one works hard enough and focuses on their goals, then nothing, not their religion, caste, class, etc.  can stop them from achieving them.

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