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In Bihar, Pregnant Woman Dies After Doctor Tries To Abort Female Foetus. It’s Making Our Blood Boil

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Well, the world is full of issues that need to be discussed soon but people only want to focus on taking away women’s rights in new ways. And it’s a fact that this society starts disliking women even before they are born and this particular case is quite similar. In Bihar, a pregnant woman passed away after a quack doctor tried to abort her female foetus. This is so disturbing, to be honest!

On Sunday, a pregnant woman died in the Bagha district of Bihar in an effort to abort her female foetus through a quack doctor. The deceased woman named Ragini was married to Deepak Chaudhary. They welcomed two daughters and she was pregnant again. After that, her husband insisted on her having a gender-detection test in his village. The result revealed that the pregnant woman was once again carrying a girl child. The couple decided to have an abortion by the quack doctor but during the procedure, she died.

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During the police investigation, the doctor confessed everything but didn’t reveal the place where the gender-detection test was done. According to the reports, when the husband Deepak got the information about his wife’s death due to a miscarriage, he switched off his cell phone. The family members of the woman disappeared with her dead body. Reportedly, there was no information available about the two daughters of Ragini and there is speculation that her in-laws and maternal relatives are involved in this case.

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This is making our blood boil because not only did they carry out a gender-detection test which is illegal but also due to the incompetency when the mother died, they didn’t even investigate the matter properly.

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