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People On Twitter Share Stories About Their English Teachers And How They Were Just Simply The Best. It’s So Relatable

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It is true that I started developing reading as a hobby when I was still a child. But, I only fell in love with literature after I joined tuitions for English lit in my 10th grade. Why? The reason is that my teacher, Ms Shah, was fantastic. Of course, she was also my bio and chemistry tuition teacher so she didn’t like me very much at the time, considering I sucked at science. But once we started studying Shakespeare and all the poems, I would actually look forward to her class. It was a subject I could connect with and it was largely because of her. 

I don’t know if it was Ms Shah’s teaching style or her ability to turn a phrase, or the fact that our opinions and interpretations all stood a chance to be heard with her, but she is the one teacher that I genuinely miss. She was so amazing that even today, almost a decade after I graduated school, I clearly remember a few answers, some poems and the even the seven stages of man as given in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. She would encourage us, yell at us and motivate us to always push forward and do better. It wasn’t until I started teaching myself did I understand how much a teacher just wants to leave some impact on a student. And Ms Shah did that for me and countless other students.   

I think everyone has that one teacher like her who forever leaves a mark on them and more often than not, it’s their English literature teachers. Unless you were a delinquent who was too cool for school, I am sure even you had some teacher who you really missed after graduating school. 

Anyway, the reason I am giving you’ll so much gyan about my teachers is because there is a Twitter thread floating around where people are talking about how they too had had a special bond with their English teachers. They really are the most open-minded, sweetest people ever, aren’t they? Twitter agrees!

People online began discussing this after a Twitter user by the name of Toxic by Britney Spears tweeted, “Did you develop a deep emotional attachment to your English teacher or are you normal?”

This thread is so interesting and it’s super relatable! 

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Check out some of the reactions:

English teachers do much more than merely teach. They nurture you and help you grow as a person. Also, somehow they always have the best advice.

I really wish I could turn back time and attend Shakespeare classes. This time I will have a whole appreciation for them!

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