Ahead Of Menstrual Hygiene Day, We’re Busting Some Period-Related Myths. Knowledge Is Power, Sisters!

It is Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28, 2022, which is just around the corner. Now, as someone who is a cleanliness freak in general, I am all the more cautious about my hygiene when I am on my period. Menstruation is such a time when you need to pay extra attention to keeping your vagina healthy because if you don’t it could lead to infections like UTIs which, let me tell you, are extremely painful. Now, periods are such a thing that have so many myths surrounding them and those are absolutely frustrating. So, ahead of Menstrual Hygiene Day, here are some myths surrounding menstruation and menstrual hygiene that you need to steer clear of because obviously, they are not true.

Myths Surrounding Menstrual Hygiene

You Cannot Use Reusable Menstrual Hygiene Products

You should avoid using cloth as a pad as it is not the most hygienic product to use to absorb your period blood. There are reusable menstrual products available in the market which you could use instead. But you need to make sure you clean those products thoroughly after every use to prevent them from getting infected by germs.

Using Two Pads Will Absorb Heavier Flow

The period cycle and flow varies for each woman with many women experiencing a heavier flow. Uninformed women tend to use two pads to contain and absorb the heavy flow of blood but this is strictly unadvisable. Using two pads can instead cause leakage and also increase your risk of vaginal infections. Instead, you should one pad only at a time and keep changing it at regular intervals.

One Pad Is Enough For The Day

No. A big no to this one. Pads and tampons need to be changed every four-six hours. Using the same pad will give rise to infections and also emit a bad odour. Your vagina is sensitive and you need to care for it extra on your period days.

Washing Your Hair Is Not Advisable

You must have heard this one more often than you can count. But washing your hair has got nothing to do with your period cycle. By all means, you can wash your hair or have a hot water bath to pamper yourself and ease your cramps!

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Period Blood Is Dirty Blood

It is generally assumed that period blood is dirty because it comes out of the vagina and because no physical injury causes the blood to ooze. But let me inform you that period blood is not dirty but it is the same blood that circulates in your body. Nothing about a woman having her period is impure.

Flushing Away The Pad To Dispose It Of Is Safe

Absolutely not. Flushing the pad will only choke up the toilet and you do not want that to happen. Pads do not break down and will instead create more blockages in your plumbing system and it is also not safe for those who clean sewage systems.

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