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Women Reveal The Weirdest Thing A Man Has Ever Asked Them. Unsurprisingly, Most Questions Are About Sex, Periods And Female Anatomy

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When it comes to asking questions, there is hardly anybody who can beat me. Just ask my editor about it. [Note: Her editor confirms.] I can ask anything and innumerable times at that. Now, I know that it can be annoying, but I like knowing things. Having said that, there are some questions that are too weird for me to ask as well as answer, and somehow most of those questions come from men. I often wonder why that is? Leaving that question aside, someone on Reddit actually asked women what is the weirdest thing they’ve been asked by a man, and oh god, the answers are beyond hilarious!

A Reddit user, u/Cat_Lover259, asked women what was the weirdest thing a ‘guy’ asked them and the answers are shocking, surprising, but most of all they are funny. I mean, the answers are so weird and might I say cringy (?) that it had my eyebrows leaving my forehead for most of the thread. Also, why are so very many of their questions about weird sex requests, periods myths that have to be busted and hilarious questions about the female body!?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve been asked by a guy? from AskWomen

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Why should I have all the fun, right? So, I picked up my most favourite and hilarious replies from the Reddit thread that I know for a fact you will enjoy. Here are some of the best answers by women who have been asked weird things by guys: 

Gosh, reading all those answers have me smiling, laughing, and cringing – all at the same time. I really hope that this turned out to be a fun read, because it sure was for me!

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