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Kerala’s Kumbalangi To Be The First Sanitary Napkin-Free Village In India, We Love This Initiative!

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The term ‘menstruation’ in India deals with an ignorant behaviour and often goes missing. Strangulated by misconceptions, it still remains taboo in the country, with menstrual hygiene being alien to many. But the news that we have stumbled upon and are glad we did, offers a ray of hope. Coming straight from a place that is home to the lush green landscapes of India, a village in Kerala is winning applause for initiating to become the first-ever sanitary napkin-free village in the country. I know you’d be surprised reading this, but it’s true. Proudly announcing the same, on January 13, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan shared that a village named– Kumbalangi in Ernakulam district has become the first napkin-free village in the country. Propagating the idea under the initiative of Avalkayi which means ‘For Her,’ the government has decided on distributing close to 5,000 menstrual cups to women aged 18 and above. Led by Ernakulam MP Hibi Eden, the project will also guide and educate women about the usage of a menstrual cup and its advantages. While the village has always been known for initiating such schemes, it is also India’s first model tourism village with nearly 1,20,000 residents and is a witness to an aquatic life.


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With the majority of the Indian female population still resorting to sanitary napkins that are often the bare minimum in the smallest pockets of India, the scheme leads by an example. A truly one-of-a-kind approach that will not only help erase the stigma around menstruation, but will also help the village be pollution-free by opting for menstrual cups instead of synthetic napkins.

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At some places where women continue to be deprived of the basic right of education and decision making, menstruation is a subject that hardly finds a spot under the limelight. But the changing years have witnessed the importance of empowering the rural patches of India, that live a life fenced by restrictions. Courtesy of some concerned government leaders, many states like Punjab and Rajasthan have been working towards the welfare of women, by the distribution of free sanitary napkins and educating the importance of menstrual hygiene. And we’re glad of Kumbalangi’s new initiative.

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