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In UP, A 100-Year-Old Woman Has Fought And Recovered From Covid, Just In Time To Celebrate Her Birthday!

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I have been waking up with a solemn mood every day for the last couple of weeks. A sense of fear and worry always hanging over my head, making it rather difficult for me to see the brighter side of things or even get through the day without wanting to break-down. With everything that is going around, the sickness, the helplessness and the death, losing hope has almost become second nature. However, what keeps us motivated in such terrible times is knowing that someone out there is holding on strong, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t.

Just like this 100-year-old lady from Uttar Pradesh who, against all odds, has beaten coronavirus and come out stronger, with a will that refuses to bow down. Having recovered just in time to celebrate her 100th birthday with her family, the story of one Sardar Kaur from Uttar Pradesh has us feeling better, taking away our Monday blues.

Kaur and 5 other members of her family had tested positive for the deadly virus, and just like everyone, gotten rather scared of what may happen. Yet, not giving up on hope or on treatment, the family nursed each other, including the 100 year old Sardar Kaur, who managed to recover just fine.

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It is being reported how family members Vikrant Chaudhary, Neeshu Chaudhary and everyone else did their best in nursing their grandmother back to health, and indeed, succeeded. The entire family showed an immense and impressive amount of zest and will power in the 15 days that it took for them to endure the virus.

Sardar Kaur said, “I have won this battle due to active lifestyle, confidence and positive thinking. During the treatment, I did not let myself become weak and also encouraged the family members at the same time.” And if someone aged 100, sitting at the highest risk, can show such bravery towards fighting this virus, there is no reason we can’t.

After all, age is just a number!

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