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101-Year-Old Italian Woman Has Lived Through The Spanish Flu And WWII And Now Has Recovered From Covid Three Times!

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If there are a few things that this year and the pandemic has taught us, it is to be wary not just about life but also its uncertainty and one’s immunity. More so for people like me, who fall in the age group of mid twenties which is supposedly better off but have the immunity level that is worse than an 80-year-old grandparent and bruise like a peach. Turns out, age has nothing to do with because in Italy,  news of a 101 year old grandma surviving coronavirus three times has surfaced.

Whatever this woman is doing, we want to try. This 101 year old Italian grandmother, Maria Orsingher has come across as a beacon of hope and health, after she has tested positive for Covid thrice in the year 2020 and managed to emerge victorious, all three times.

In fact, this hasn’t been the first (or rather even the third) time that Maria has shown such a strong will to withstand such a troubled time. Turns out, the 101 year old woman has in her day, lived through the Spanish Flu and WWII with not a strand on her head bothered or harmed.

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Maria Orsingher, 101 anni, ha sconfitto la Spagnola è sopravvissuta alla guerra e ora, finalmente, ha…

Posted by Lombardia Notizie Online on Sunday, 29 November 2020

Leaving behind all of us youngsters behind when it comes to sporting a good health and an even better spirit, Maria Orsingher has baffled even the doctors that are treating her with her will to live. Her daughter Carla shared that the doctors had told her that they had never seen anybody as old as Maria triumph and recover from the deadly virus with such ease. In July, the lady turned an impressive 101 years old, following which she developed a fever in September and was hospitalised. There after, she tested positive for COVID-19 again, and was then treated for 18 days.

Though Maria is deaf and cannot communicate with her children, it is a miracle to see that just in a span of 9 months, a woman of her age has tested positive thrice, but is all set to make a recovery again. Guess, some people just aren’t done with life yet, and continue to remain warriors. Meanwhile, we are here easily shaken with even with a minor temperature, underestimating just how life changing a strong will can be.

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