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In Gujarat, 500 Women Took Out A Religious Procession And Flocked To A Temple Maskless To Eradicate COVID 19.

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Around this time last year, the pandemic was just picking up the pace. While the government imposed a complete lockdown, a lot of people turned to blind faith and superstitious beliefs. Some prayed to “Corona Devi” thinking she had been angered while some turned to cow urine and manure thinking that was the key to ending the pandemic. Of course, none of that worked. Like most blind beliefs, it was all bogus that made things worse. Here’s the thing though, after a year of living in these dire circumstances, I thought people understood that the only thing that can keep you and everyone else safe is to stay indoors following the safety precautions. But I was wrong. You see, recently in Gujarat, a large group of women organized a religious event and flocked to a temple to “eradicate COVID”. If you’re still wondering why the cases are surging the way they are, you now have your answer.

On 3rd May, throwing caution to the wind, a large group of women turned up at a religious event organized in Gujarat’s Navapura village in Sanand taluka. Around 500 women carrying water pots on their head’s flocked towards a temple believing that this would eradicate corona. Does no one see the bitter irony here?

According to reports, the villagers that took part in this supposed religious event believed that the coronavirus will miraculously disappear if they poured water at the Baliyadev temple. Hence around 500 women, and a few men, set out towards the temple with water pots on their heads to take down the coronavirus. A video clip of this event has gone viral and the Gujarat police have arrested 23 people, including the village head.

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Deputy Superintendent of Police, Sanand Division, KT Kamariya said, “The incident took place on May 3 at Navapura village where women had gathered in large numbers carrying water pots. A police team rushed to the spot on the same day and arrested 23 villagers, including sarpanch Gafabhai Thakor, for organizing this event. Police had also seized the music system from the spot.”

This incident has left me wondering what made these women believe that pouring water at a temple could be the end of a pandemic? What did they think was going to happen? Has no one learned anything from this year’s Kumbh Mela catastrophe? We are never going to be able to control the surging coronavirus cases if people keep acting like covidiots and don’t understand the basic safety precautions.

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