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Pooja Bedi Shared A Tone Deaf Video From Goa That Has Us And Twitter Asking “Pooja What Is This COVIDIOT Behaviour?

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I have some good news and some bad news. Good news, even if the vaccines right now are not perfect at keeping COVID at bay, we’re going to eventually get there in a few years and this too shall pass. Bad news, is that there is no cure or vaccine for stupidity, and the COVIDIOTS will remain infected until the end. Take, for example, the throng of people who decided to uphold weddings and religious festivities at a time when the second wave of COVID is holding India in an iron-firm grasp. Oh and also those people who choose to tell others to abandon all caution and ‘live their life’. Like Pooja Bedi, who lives in Goa, but really in galat faimi, that it is okay to share tone deaf tweets while people are dying.

I say tweets, because not only did she post her first tweet, a video of her enjoying the water and living her life, that said something about “not being caged anymore”, but when she got called out for it by the Twitterati, she posted more tweets defending herself. Look I get that the lockdown is difficult, it has been on all of us. And given a choice, most of us would take the first flight out to a place where the cases aren’t piling up. Unfortuantely, jobs and life don’t offer everyone this privilege. Yes, it is a privilege. So when someone like Pooja Bedi decides to shit all over everyone’s tough time, you want to punch her in the face.

Take a look at this tweet by the ‘Pehla Nasha‘ heart-stealer.

To clarify, Pooja Bedi lives in Goa (as per her tweet), so maybe this isn’t exactly a vacay. And honestly, the video isn’t as bothersome, or different from what a lot of my and your friends are posting from their Goa trips, or Maldives honeymoons, or Himalayan holidays  and a lot of weekend getaways outside of Maharashtra.

The caption, though, is what does it for me, and a lot of other people. You don’t need an RT-PCR test to tell you, she has tested positive for being a COVIDIOT. Because telling people “Don’t be stuck in a cage, conquer fear, enjoy life blah blah blah) is probably the worst thing you can do right now. As a public personality, one of your most basic skills ought to be the ability to read the room before you say or do anything. I see none of that here.

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Several Twitter users called out her privilege, to which Pooja Bedi had something that only privileged people say in their defence, instead of listening to those trying to make them understand where they went wrong.

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But you know what? I don’t even think it is about just privilege here. There’s an utter lack of basic decency and high recklessness in typing a tweet that shames people for choosing to stay at home, and caring for their lives. Duh, we know that most of us our losing our best years to this pandemic, but we’re still staying put indoors because we see countless people lose loved ones to the virus. We’re looking at the overcrowded cemeteries, the overworked healthcare professionals, and the utter apathy of the government that continues to hold rallies flocked by thousands.

It’s not by choice that people are indoors. You have fun, because you live in a state full of beaches that has so far, thankfully, been able to keep a full blown super spread at bay. But things could change any day, considering the number of tourists flocking to Goa right now. So this tone deaf tweet by Pooja Bedi might not really age well.

Seriously Pooja, what is this behaviour? You want to enjoy your life? You do that. But don’t write tone deaf social media posts and urge other people to be reckless with their’s. Jo ghar pe baitha aur mask pehna, wohi sikander.


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