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IAF Officer Says She Was Traumatised By Illegal Two-Finger Test After Rape. Why Is This Test Still Happening?

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What is wrong with this country? Yes, I’m pissed and I have every right to be. I’m angry and upset over the fact that women in this country—no matter who they are—are not safe. I’m angry about the fact that a woman can get molested, raped, or both anywhere in this country, even if that woman is an officer working for the country. And what I’m most angry and upset about is that a woman has to be subjected to undignified and illegal tests to confirm whether she was raped or not. I’m talking about the woman IAF officer who was raped and who has now revealed that she was subjected to the two-finger test to confirm the rape. Yes, the test which is now illegal because it traumatises rape survivors. This is truly disgusting!

The 28-year-old woman officer of the Indian Air Force (IAF) has accused one of her colleagues of rape. The case took a turn for the worst when she levelled serious allegations against the IAF stating that they subjected her to the illegal two-finger test to confirm rape. Instead of being empathetic, they had a hostile attitude towards her during the inquiry, and also allegedly tampered with the evidence. 


In the FIR filed by the Tamil Nadu police, the woman IAF officer said that she was raped on the Air Force Administrative College’s campus in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. She even claimed that the college authorities told her that if she can bear ankle pain (the one she suffered hours before the rape took place) then she could even bear and deal with seeing her rapist on campus. Are they serious?

The accused is a 29-year-old Flight Lieutenant that has been arrested by the local police. On Monday, both the accused’s lawyer and IAF separately argued over the case filed by the IAF officer at the Mahila Court in Coimbatore and stated that the civil police had no jurisdiction in the case. Both of them asked the court to transfer the accused’s custody to IAF so that they can investigate and hold court-martial hearings. But the court instead of listening to them extended the Flight Lieutenant’s judicial custody to September 30th and stated that they would decide on the jurisdiction of the case on that day.

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The FIR throws light on the details of the rape incident. According to the FIR, on the September 9, the woman officer had suffered an injury in her right leg while she was playing basketball during her training, following which she took a painkiller. In the evening she joined her colleagues at the officers’ mess bar where the Flight Lieutenant, the accused, offered to pay for her second drink. The officer then vomited and went to bed and two of her friends (one male and another female) took care of her. While leaving the room, her friends latched the door from the outside and left. 

While the IAF officer was sleeping, the accused entered her room, tried to wake her up, and tried to kiss her. The woman officer kept on fighting the lieutenant but was unsuccessful due to her ankle injury. After that, she remembers waking up to her female friend asking if the accused was in the room with her consent. The next day when she confronted the accused, he was regretful of invading her privacy. But the woman officer’s female friend showed her semen stains on her bed. 

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It was on September 11 that the IAF officer was given two options by two faculty members of the college. One option was to either file a complaint against the accused or give a written statement that whatever happened was consensual. She chose to file a complaint against him. She then was directed to go to the Air Force Hospital. She went there along with her friends and the doctors there wanted to watch her confession video. They asked her to give them details about her sexual history and even subjected her to physical examination of her private parts. The FIR read, “Only later did I find out that the two-finger test is not supposed to be done for a rape exam. This action made me nauseous enough to relive the trauma of being raped.”

Utterly disturbing and inhumane. No woman, no person should go through what this officer went through. As though the rape wasn’t already a horrific ordeal to go through, she was subjected to the two-finger test that is illegal. How are procedures so callously disregarded at an Air Force Hospital of all places? Aren’t women worthy of dignity? Aren’t they worthy of being respected and shown empathy?

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