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Former Doordarshan Director General Archana Datta Lost Her Husband And Mother Within An Hour Of Each Other To The Coronavirus.

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There is no denying that this pandemic has changed our lives in profound ways. Whoever said that 2020 was just a tiny preview of the horrors 2021 was going to bring knew what they were talking about. Hospitals are collapsing, doctors are turning patients away, there is a dearth of life-saving drugs and injections and don’t even get me started about the excessive shortage of oxygen cylinders and vaccines. This second wave has hit us like a tsunami and we are drowning. Every day, on average, 3,000 people are succumbing to the coronavirus. The incidents coming to the forefront are bone-chilling. For instance, Former Doordarshan director-general Archana Datta lost her mother and husband to COVID 19 in the span of one hour. It’s one of the more heart-breaking incidents I have heard.

After a frantic scramble to procure hospital beds in time to correct their dipping oxygen levels, former Doordarshan director-general, Archana Datta, lost her husband and mother in the span of an hour on 27 April. Both, her husband and mother, were declared COVID positive after their death.

Archana Datta took to Twitter to express her trauma after losing her husband and mother so suddenly. She wrote, “Many people like me perhaps thought that it couldn’t happen to them! But it did happen! My mother and husband, both, died without any treatment. We failed to have access to all top-notch Delhi hospitals we used to visit! Yes, after death they declared COVID positive.”

The mortality rate, all around the country, is surging largely due to the dearth of hospital beds and oxygen cylinders. We aren’t being able to cope with the severity of the coronavirus. People who desperately need medical attention are being turned away by hospitals. Archana Datta’s story is devastating but unfortunately, it’s not unique. Her husband, AR Dutta, was retired as the director of the Defence ministry’s training institute. And her mother was 88-year-old Bani Mukherjee.

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Archana Datta told reporters, “y son rushed both the patients to various private hospitals in south Delhi but were not admitted. Finally, a government hospital in Malviya Nagar admitted them….”

Her son, Abhishek, who ferried his father and grandmother from one hospital to another as their condition worsened, is still in shock. The hospital in Malviya Nagar declared AR Dutta dead on arrival. The doctors tried to revive Bani Mukerjee but gave in after an hour. A week after their deaths Archana Datta’s entire family, except her son, has tested positive for the coronavirus. Archana said, “I have not been able to grieve for my mother and husband. My niece is low on oxygen and my son has to run around for oxygen cylinders. We do not want to risk her life as we know that every hospital will turn us down.”

These are the worse of times. Our country’s failing effort to cope with the influx of coronavirus cases is truly heart-rending. Eventually, the pandemic will come to an end but until then we have to be very, very careful. Not only for ourselves but also for our loved ones. Please stay at home and only step out to get groceries and other essential items. Follow COVID protocols. That is the only way we are going to be able to get through these apocalyptic times.

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