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5 Reasons Why You Need A Copper Mug, STAT!

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If you are completely unaware of the copper mug trend, it’s time to crawl out from beneath that rock. Seriously. The copper mug trend was so out there, what with Bipasha Basu and her beau carting it across their honeymoon. It’s been really hard to miss. Besides, copper mugs are so shiny and pretty, what’s not to love?

But what if I told you that copper mugs weren’t just pretty mugs to fish out from your cabinet and use every now and then? What if drinking water from a copper mug had actual health benefits? Would you believe that? If you wouldn’t, you need to keep scrolling. We’re giving you 5 reasons to start drinking water from a copper mug. Trust me, it’ll be worth it!

Before that, let me tell you why copper is such a great metal. As per Ayurvedic medicine, copper positively charges the water that it holds. If you pour some water into a copper vessel or mug, the beneficial properties of the metal will dissolve into the water. What’s more, storing water inside a copper vessel helps keep it fresh and cool for longer. Convinced yet? Read on to be fully so.

1. Healthy Skin

You can maintain healthy skin by drinking water from a copper mug. Copper helps in the production of new cells, and helps replenish and re-energize the surface of your skin. This seems like the perfect solution if you have rough or acne-prone skin.

2. Healthy Heart

Traces of copper in your water can improve your cardiovascular health immensely. It helps control both your heart rate and blood pressure, and also significantly helps reduce cholestrol. Moreover, the plaque that tends to settle in your arteries get flushed out. This, of course, helps improve the health of your heart.

3. Better Digestion

No more complaining about over-eating or not eating on time! Copper helps kill off any harmful bacteria lining your stomach. It also helps reduce internal stomach inflammations of any kind. Copper is also considered to be an excellent detox option. So go ahead and start drinking water from a copper mug, immediately!

4. Reduces Fine Lines

This makes it seem almost magical, doesn’t it? Copper contains a lot of antioxidants that combat free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for those pesky fine lines. By drinking copper-infused water, you’re actually helping your future self out!

5. Heals Wounds

Copper has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of these reasons, this metal can heal wounds quicker. But we’re not talking about just external wounds. Copper can heal internal wounds as well, especially problems related to the stomach.

Can you believe that the mere act of drinking water from a copper mug can be so beneficial? If you want to start this practice, make sure to leave the water sitting in your mug for a good 5 hours, or even overnight if possible. What are you waiting for? Go on and grab a copper mug already!

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