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Asia’s First Bicycle Highway Is Now Open In India!

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It is the year of creating history for our country and last week, the state of Uttar Pradesh had the honour to host something great. Bicycle enthusiasts, rejoice! Now there is a 207-km-long highway dedicated to just cycles. Taking a step towards eco-tourism, the Samajwadi party decided to open one, stretching from Agra to Etawah. They definitely took their symbol (which is a cycle) very seriously! The highway was inaugurated at Lion Safari in Etawah, with around 90 cyclists attending the ceremony from 5 different countries. It’s not only India’s only bicycle highway, but also one of its kind for Asia. Yes, that’s huge!


Inspired by his travels to Berlin and Paris, Akhilesh Yadav, realised that India needed a highway like the ones there. And he spent around 130 crores on it but made sure it happened. Next in line is making the largest cycle track in Lucknow. The highway, which is 7-feet wide, is parallel to the main highway and passes through 92 villages. Tourist spots such as Raja Bhoj ki Haveli, Bateshwarnath Temple, Mela Kothi Jarar, and Naugava ka Quila are on the way, right up to the eastern gate of the Taj Mahal.

India is sure getting cooler and more environment friendly. In times of heavy losses, *cough* this sure is a brownie point and we couldn’t be more happy!


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