Are Anxiety Rings Worth The Hype? Here’s How This Fashionable Accessory Can Affect Your Mental Health

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Are Anxiety Rings Worth The Hype? Here’s How This Fashionable Accessory Can Affect Your Mental Health

Constant exposure to social media has allowed me to keep up with all the trends but often at the cost of triggering my anxiety and this is true for most of us. When we come across someone else enjoying more than us on social media, it generates comparison, a sense of failure and FOMO (of course), which ultimately leads to anxiety. However, this time the same social media brought me a tool to relieve myself of that anxiety (or at least that’s what I thought!) in the form of a stylish accessory – a set of rings called anxiety rings. Now, before we get into if they’re good for your mental health or not, let’s understand what they are.


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But What Are Anxiety Rings?

Anxiety rings are a type of fidget jewellery that acts as a tool to help manage anxiety and stress. Rings like these are designed to provide a satisfying tactile sensation. However, as an anxious person myself, these rings made me even more anxious. Spinning the ring is supposed to be calming and helpful for focusing their attention. However, I just didn’t feel any of that and my thoughts continued to disturb me while I kept on spinning the ring, hoping for it to work.


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Here’s How Anxiety Rings Can Affect Your Mental Health

Guess what? The continuous spinning instead exacerbated my anxiety and the speedy movement of the ring made me feel overwhelmed which somehow worked parallelly to my rapid ruminating thoughts instead of working against them. Even if the motive of anxiety rings is to distract the person, they are not a big help. The ring replicates the same mechanism as a fidget spinner but makes it seem less evident to other people due to its smaller size. However, this seems to have backfired as the smaller size makes it a little tricky to spin with having less or no impact on alleviating stress. At the same time, my legs continued to shake – initially because of my personal thoughts and worries followed by the uneasiness of the ring. Trying to work in this makeshift process, worked up my stress levels making the whole point of having a ring redundant. 

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Anxiety Rings Are Not A Substitute For Therapy

They may be designed to provide relief from anxiety symptoms, but they do not address the underlying causes of anxiety. Relying on an anxiety ring to manage anxiety can prevent individuals from developing other coping skills and strategies that may be more effective in the long term. And just as social media is a picture-perfect place on your mobile phone triggering underlying stress and insecurities, these anxiety rings are just a picture-perfect tool and nothing more.

From being a hassle during daily tasks to being my anxiety partner in crime, I am ready to break up with anxiety rings. It is more beneficial to explore other coping skills and strategies to address the underlying causes of anxiety and promote long-term anxiety management instead of this accessory that may provide temporary relief only to have a reverse effect at a later stage. 

The Fashionably Impractical Design Of Anxiety Ring Makes It Unappealing

The primary design for an anxiety ring is a metal ring with a movable outer band. So, one fine day when I was brushing through my hair (thinking about edits to an article I had written), the ring made its appearance, not by relieving my stress but by pulling my hair. To my surprise, I yanked and the fidget part of the ring that had sharp ends got stuck in my hair. And not just that, the sharp ends of the ring can often scratch your skin, or get stuck in your clothes or hurt those around you. So, these anxiety rings aren’t particularly safe. Especially if you’re someone who works with children or infants, these rings might do more harm than good. After wearing the ring for a whole day, I realised the pointy edges had left marks on my finger.

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But Remember, There Are Alternatives!

While this design is not as practical, anxiety rings often come in various shapes and structures. The anxiety bead ring is comparatively safer to use. Playing with attached beads might be able to distract you for a while but does not prove to be a solution for the longer haul. Anxiety rings are not the first tools in the market to help individuals cope with stress. From stress balls to fidget spinners, these makeshift strategies have tried their best to alleviate human stress. While some have proven to be better, they all end up being temporary solutions to rather serious problems. 

Remember, the only way to cope with anxiety is to seek professional help. Don’t let these temporary tools and hacks prevent you from seeking the help that you need.

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