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Annoyed With Having To Live In Isolation, COVID Positive Woman Forcefully Hugs Daughter-In-Law To Infect Her

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At the risk of sounding anti-social, there are times when I find people extremely infuriating. In fact, there have been a lot of such instances during this pandemic. For instance, what’s with the sudden surge in cases of violence against medical professionals? They are the reason we are being able to fight the coronavirus in the first place. The least people can do is be grateful. But that’s another story for another day. Right now we are talking about covidiots. Again. Why is it so difficult for people to understand the dire circumstances we are living under? It’s not rocket science and after a year and a half, it’s not unreasonable to expect people to get the hang of things. Today, we are discussing an incident that has us irate. Brace yourself because this is the epitome of covidiotness coupled with well, pure evil.

In Telangana, a COVID positive woman who was agitated over having to quarantine, forcefully hugged her daughter-in-law to infect her as well. This is something that should be illegal but isn’t. How can you knowingly infect someone with a disease that is killing thousands of people every single day? It’s sadistic and cruel. Anyway, it only gets worse. After the daughter-in-law tested positive, she was thrown out of the house.

The daughter-in-law, a woman in her mid-20s, said that her mother-in-law was extremely upset that everyone in the family was keeping their distance from her following her positive result. According to reports, she told health officials that, “My mother-in-law hugged me saying that I should also get infected with Covid-19”.

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She also said that after her mother-in-law tested positive, she was kept in isolation, given food at a designated area from a distance and even her grandchildren were not allowed to get close to her. While we understand that these are basic norms that everyone follows where there is a COVID patient in the house, this woman’s mother-in-law had different ideas. All this upset her deeply which is why she forcefully hugged her daughter-in-law to infect her as well and then threw her out of the house. After this, her sister took her back to her parent’s house in Thimmapur village in Rajanna Sircilla district. She is undergoing treatment there.

It’s understandable that isolation can mess with your mental health. But this nonsensical behaviour is unacceptable. The next time you’re tired of this lockdown and being in quarantine and you wonder just how much longer this pandemic will last, think about all the covidiots. Starting from this woman who purposely infecting her daughter-in-law with a virus that is ravaging our country. It’s sickening.

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