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This Patna Woman Misbehaved With The Cops When She Was Caught Flouting COVID Safety Norms

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On average, India is reporting over 4 lakh COVID cases on a daily basis. People are losing their lives, families are being torn apart, hospitals and COVID centres are overburdened and there is a severe shortage of life-saving resources and infrastructure. We are living in nightmarish times. But for some godforsaken reason, there are still a few people who just don’t seem to able to grasp the gravity of the situation. It’s not difficult to understand, is it? Stay at home. Wear a mask. Sanitize your hands. Why are people so hellbent on aggravating these horrific circumstances? Considering this is the second wave of the pandemic you would expect that people wouldn’t behave like covidiots. You see, recently, a woman in Bihar yelled, abused and threatened the cops after she was caught flouting lockdown protocols. There is really no dearth of idiocy.

We aren’t being able to cope with this second wave. That much is no secret. And yes, it’s understandable that everyone’s mental health is in shambles at the moment. Sitting at home and watching your loved ones suffer will do that to you. But we still have to follow protocols if we want even a minuscule chance of getting ahead of the curve. Although it seems like this woman from Patna didn’t get the memo. According to reports, when she was stopped by the police for riding her scooter without a helmet and flouting lockdown protocols, she created a massive ruckus on the road.

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After the police stopped her scooter, this woman started yelling at them. She told the cops that he would have to face dire consequences if he issued a ‘challan against her. In the video that has now gone viral, she can also be heard talking about the hospitals are using the coronavirus as a ploy to dupe people. Instead of apologising for breaking the lockdown and understanding where she went wrong, this woman abused and threatened cops. What is this barbaric behaviour?

We have to be smarter than this and follow the safety guidelines. Yelling and abusing cops is not going to solve anything. So please, be civil, stay at home and ignore all the covidiot urges that you have.

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