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97-Year-Old Lady Appeals To Others To Get Their Covid Vaccine. Her Video Ends Up Winning Hearts!

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I am the kind of person who starts shaking like a leaf whenever I see a needle in sight. I have always been a coward when it comes to going to a doctor for treatment, even though it is only supposed to make me feel better. Be it for a simple tetanus injection, or for a regular blood-test, I was the kid and, embarrassingly enough, the adult, who would hide behind the counter before her turn would come. However, despite the phobia, I went ahead to get my first jab of the Covid vaccine this weekend. And if it isn’t much coming from someone like me, it surely would amount to something coming from a 97-year-old woman, who shared an appeal to others to get themselves vaccinated.

Making an earnest appeal to everyone, this 97-year-old lady has given most of us food for thought after she was seen keeping all her inhibitions aside to urge people to take coronavirus seriously and requesting them to get the first dose of their Covid vaccine as soon as possible.

Shared online in a video which is now viral, the old lady looks straight into the camera to talk about how she got her own first dose back in March and has been keeping well ever since. She said, “I felt no pain or even side effects,” motivating others to follow her lead.

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She said, “Don’t be afraid. Take the vaccination, it is good for you and others around you.” She also shared that currently, she was awaiting her second dose, but promised that meanwhile, “It is safe. I continue to have a normal life.”

Trying to do away with the myths on the internet that talk about how harmful the injection could be, the 97-year-old lady put on a brave and honest front to share the importance of the vaccine, and how getting it would do no such harm as advertised. The journalist who shared the video,  Latha Venkatesh, also wrote, “Hope this young lady can convert some sceptics.”

As someone who recently got her first jab too, I can tell you first hand that I side with the elderly woman on this. Apart from the basic and anticipated side-effects that include body ache and slight fever, I am fit as a fiddle, and a little more relieved than I was previously!

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