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Woman Wears Her Wedding Gown To Get The Corona Vaccine Because She Wasn’t Able To Have The Wedding She Wanted

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As of this morning, a week-long complete curfew was imposed in the capital city of Delhi, I was pushed to celebrate my birthday (yet again) within the confines of my room, and naturally this bummed me out. Not only because I won’t be able celebrate my day with my family or friends, but also because of the danger that is once again looming over our heads with this second wave. And while I had every reason to sit back and sulk in my bed, I decided against any of that, after taking inspiration from a woman from Baltimore, US, who showed great spirit in embracing the circumstances as they are. How? She wore her wedding gown to get the vaccine.

Grabbing the attention of netizens, including me, was this woman from Baltimore, US turned up to get her Covid vaccine taken in a rather unique and unanticipated choice of attire. She showed up for her vaccine in her wedding gown, one that she wasn’t able to wear after the second wave of  Corona interrupted her wedding plans.

Donning her pristine white, polka-dot gown complete with a white mask instead of the veil, this woman decided to not let her gown simply hang in her closet, and made sure to get some use out of it.

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The post that was shared by University of Maryland Medical System, showed Sarah Studley getting the vaccine and came with a caption that read, “Here comes the bride…to get her vaccination at M&T Bank Stadium Mass Vaccination Site!”

The post also includes pictures of Sarah dressed in white, as the caption continues to read, “Rather than let the beautiful gown for her pandemic-cancelled wedding reception just hang in her closet, Sarah Studley wore it to get vaccinated.” Guess I now know what to do with my birthday dress hanging in my closet!

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