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Akansha Ranjan Shares Why She Isn’t Worried About What’s In The Covid-19 Vaccine And It’s Hilarious

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There have been a lot of rumours and false news doing the rounds about the Covid vaccine not being safe. While we are dying to get the jab as soon as possible, some people are busy spreading nonsense claims that it isn’t safe for pregnant women, or menstruating women and that it contains microchip while some say it has pork to keep a certain section of people from taking the shot. I know. It’s absurd and beyond my understanding why would people spread these misleading rumours when the only thing that can save us from this deadly virus is the vaccine. Just as registration opened for people of 18 years and above, Akansha Ranjan Kapoor nudged her followers to get the registered and not fall for these claims with a funny Instagram post.  

The Guilty star shared on her social media account a post saying, “I still use my NAKED palette from 2010 I am not worried about what’s in the vaccine.” If you are a makeup lover, you would get the reference. Although cosmetic products have a certain shelf life, we girls like to live on the edge and keep using the products way longer than it’s expected expiry. The reason is we shell out a huge amount on these palettes and products and it’s hard to part ways. Now, for us little daredevils, it really doesn’t matter what’s there in the vaccine. As long as it keeps us safe and alive, we’ll take that shot the first chance we get. She wrote in the caption, “#bigfacts No but for real – GO GET YOURSELF VACCINATED, girls and boys!!!! Register today!”

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Jokes apart, we love the fact that Akansha Ranjan used her platform to urge her 500k followers to get registered and vaccinated right away. Before this, a lot of Bollywood celebs above 45 years of age who got their shot in the second drive of vaccination also posted their picture while getting it to inspire their fans and followers to follow suit. It’s sad but people do believe silly rumours like Covid vaccine contains harmful components and isn’t safe and celebs supporting it does help influence them to some extent.

However, only a few has done it in a humourous way like Ranjan. Anil Kapoor who got his second dose a few days ago shared his picture getting the jab and his comment section was filled with people questioning his eligibility, including his son Harshvardhan Kapoor, since he looks 25 at best. To these allegations, he replied to a comment saying, “If they hadn’t seen my date of birth on my Aadhar card, they probably would have asked me to come back after the 1st of May.”

Ranjan’s BFF Alia Bhatt also recovered from Covid recently and was home quarantined for a few weeks. As registration for the young adults opens today, we hope everyone will put their irrational fears away and get vaccinated as soon as they can. This isn’t the time to fall for WhatsApp forwards and false rumours but understand that it’s the only way to beat the virus. That’s the only fact you need to believe right now. Whether you have been using an old palette more than you should have or not, and whether you think you are immune to the Corona virus or not, take that shot irrespective, for everyone’s sake.

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