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50-Year-Old Man In Assam Arrested For Throwing Acid On A Woman For Rejecting His Marriage Proposal. Why Is Rejection So Hard To Handle?

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We’ve held protests against it, taken out rallies for it, released movies around it, and yet there remains a part of the population that is still uninformed and more than that – unbothered by the consequences that come with handling rejection badly. Case in point, the recent acid attack in Mirzabagh area in Dibrugarh, Assam where a guy who was turned down for marriage by a woman, ended up throwing acid on her face.

The incident took place on Sunday in the Mirzabagh area of Assam. And despite the people involved being different, often the ways it plays out is pretty similar. In this case, a 33-year-old woman was attacked with acid while she was coming back home from her work. Reports share that the woman was walking back from Sohum Shoppe area where her workplace is, when she was blindsided by the accused, who in vengeance threw acid on her and fled the scene.

The woman who has been hurt and sustained quite a few injuries, has been admitted in the Assam Medical College and Hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, the police has been successful in catching hold of the accused and has arrested him.

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The man has been identified as a 50-year-old Buddhadev Das, who is a resident of Shantipara in Dibrugarh. A police officer shared, “We have arrested the person and started interrogation. The woman rejected her proposal and in a fit of rage he attacked the girl with acid on Sunday evening.” And this coming from a middle-aged man, is sickening than ever.

The most saddening part of this incident is that it isn’t the first time that a news like this has surfaced. Almost every other day there are reports of women being beaten, assaulted or thrown acid on for simply making a choice that did not sit right with a man. The society has enabled men to feel entitled for everything and so now, when they are refused for anything, in a bid to protect their fragile male ego and reinstate themselves in power, men resort to taking extreme measures and ruin the lives of innocent women.

It is a shame that once again, the price of mens’ incompetency in handling rejection has to be paid by women.

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