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124-Year-Old Francisca Susano, Oldest Woman In The World, Dies. May She Rest In Peace.

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Old people have always been my favourite. Why? Well, because, one, they have so much to share – their experiences, knowledge, life lessons, etc., and secondly, they are adorably cute. Yes, I said what I said. I’m the kind of person that believes that every wrinkle on their body says a different story. And I believe that’s what makes them so much more special. But recently, one such special and adorable woman left this world after 124 years. You read that right. Francisca Susano, the oldest woman in the world, died this Monday. I might have not known her, but her death still upsets me.

124-year-old Francisca Susano, who is supposed to be the last person born in the 19th century, died on Monday at her home in Kabankalan, Philippines. And according to government officials, Francisca who was also known as Lola Iska, says that she was the oldest person in the world.

World's oldest woman, Francisca Susano

Image: Twitter

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In fact, local government officials also believe that Francisca Susano outlived the previous Guinness Book of World Records holder by two years. It is even said that the Guinness World Records were already examining the documents as recently as September but they couldn’t personally go and verify her age since she died before that. 

But as per the local records, Francisca Susano was born on September 11th, 1897. As per Metro News, the secret to a long, healthy life like hers was a diet that included mainly vegetables, little meat, and absolutely no pork. She even said that not drinking alcohol also helped her reach 124 years old.

The public information officer, Jake Carlyne Gonzales stated that they have not yet figured out the reason for Lola’s death. He also added that they will test Francisca for covid-19 even though she didn’t show any symptoms of it. 

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Even the City Government of Kabankalan posted on their Facebook page about her death. They wrote, “It is with sadness in our heart when we received the news that our beloved Lola Francisca Susano passed away early this Monday evening November 22. Lola Iska is considered the oldest person in Negros Occidental and the Philippines. Mayor Pedro Zayco, Vice Mayor Raul Rivera and all city officials as well as all the people of Kabankalan City condoles and prays with the family of Lola Iska in their period of bereavement. Lola Iska will always remain as our inspiration and pride.”

I don’t know whether Francisca Susano is actually the oldest woman in the world, but I’d like to believe that the local officials are telling the truth. I mean, if it is true then we just lost the last person of the 19th century. May her soul rest in person. 

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