Internet Says ‘Veggies, Dead Body, Babies’ Will Fit In Sabyasachi’s Tote!

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Internet Says ‘Veggies, Dead Body, Babies’ Will Fit In Sabyasachi’s Tote!

Sabyasachi is one designer brand that everyone likes to own a little something from. From embellished sarees and clutches to encrusted necklaces and earrings, Saychasachi has a varied collection of all things couture! And I like most of their collection pieces. But I was very surprised when I saw the latest Sabyasachi Indian tote bag collection. More than surprised my first reaction was ‘hain‘?

The tote bag collection was introduced on social media by the designer brand as ‘The India Tote’. Giving details on the same, it was written in the caption of the post that this tote bag is a ‘homage to India’s incredible legacy of heritage crafts and textiles.’


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I understand that there is a concept of oversized bags but this? This is an extra large oversized tote which is going to be super inconvenient to carry. Also, the handles of the bag are stressing me out because I am sure that they will snap the moment the bag is filled to capacity. I mean we women need big bags but not as big as these which will need us to hold them from below like the models are doing so in the pictures.

Internet users are having similar thoughts on the size and the flimsy handles. People have taken to the Internet to troll the designer for this creation. Many have also joked about how this bag could become a vegetable bag to carry groceries from the market.


While many other people also went on to joke by saying that the size of these bags is so big that it can fit an entire dead body.

A couple of other people also made puns on whether this is a tote or a boat!

People also went on to Twitter to tweet hilarious jokes about this bag.

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For a bag that looks like this, I am pretty sure it will be costing a bomb! And there will be people out there who will buy the bag because of the brand. *sigh* As Bagha from Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma says, “Jaisi jiski soch!

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