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Gucci Sells A Kaftan For 2.5 Lakhs. We Give You Stylish Options That Won’t Break The Bank

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The world of high fashion never ceases to amaze me. Mainly because I am thinking, ‘Why is someone paying so much for that?’ Like at one point, Zara was selling what were basically lungis. Of course, because it’s Zara, they called it a skirt and the models flaunting this skirt stood at weird angles so people could be convinced to own one of those. And I am guessing it did sell. But then it sells at a price that’s kind of eye popping and you’re like, okay, fashion is weird.

But over time, you get used to fashion being, well, fashionable. But then again, we are always surprised when brands rehash a products that’s been around for ages and try to sell it to us and something that’s new. Take for example, this tunic from luxury fashion brand Gucci.

They are calling is a linen kaftan but we all know that basically, this is a kurta. One that we all probably have hanging in our closets. So, you’d think, surely this is a casual thing that you can buy at your local shop and is priced like that, right? Nope. Gucci is asking for a pretty price for you to have this in your fashion closet. When we say pretty price, we are saying, very pretty. Think around Rs.255000++. Yes, I will wait while you collect your jaw off the floor.

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Now, I know that you might want one of these because, let’s admit it, it’s pretty. But if you don’t want to shell out the big bucks and probably have something in your bank account at the end of the day, here are a few local options that offer the same look, but without breaking your bank.

This kurta has embroidery on the yoke and on the sleeves and you won’t have to sell a kidney to get it which we think is a great bargain. Fashion without breaking the bank!

Gucci options

If you’re looking for an outfit as bright as the Gucci one, this is it. It comes with a motley mix of colours that looks vibrant and sexy. And we love that fit. Fashion doesn’t mean you’ve to kill yourself in the heat.

We love everything about this deep blue colour kurta with lots of embroidery. And the fit also looks super flattering. We’d invest in this any day. This and many more but it’s a start.

Gucci Options

This “kaftan”, or our kurta is so pretty and dainty and we would totally wear it in hot summer months. If we had anywhere to go, that is.


Gucci Kaftan options


This stunning black kurta or “kaftan” features intricate embroidery and it’s so vibrant, you won’t be able to take your eyes of it. This is fashion done right.


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