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5 Luxury Hair Care Products That Do The Job And Are Worth The Investment

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Ssshh…lean in closer because I think they are listening. What do you mean who? My hair. It’s listening. For a few months now…I am tracing it to the beginning of the lockdown, my hair has been abandoning my scalp with alarming regularity. Of course, the alarm is on my part. My hair strands, on the other hand, seem to particularly enjoy their descend to the floor. They also make a dash for the gutter and engross themselves in a game of ‘how is she going to take us out?’ And have I mentioned that my tresses also indulge in mindless flying to the corners where no broom will reach? Yes, it’s like my locks are out to get revenge and they do not want to be attached to my scalp in any shape, way or form. They may decide to get knotted together on my head but that would be a hair-brained scheme. I am not having it.

And to tackle this, I have been making investments in products that treat my hair right. Sure, they are a little luxurious and come at a price point that is slightly high but man, these work like magic. Allow me to introduce you to a whole new world.

Dyson Hair Care


Yes, you pay a pretty penny for the Dyson but the options are amazing. There’s the Airwrap to curl your hair and the newest addition to the family called the Corrale which is to straighten your hair. All the heat styling, colouring and washing can damage your hair and with Dyson’s heat control technology, your hair won’t be screaming from all that pain. Now you have a curly, shiny mane without hurting your hair. And this just feels super luxe. I strongly recommend.

The Earth Collective Scalp Tonic

The Earth Collective Scalp Tonic

There are plenty of  products for the hair and lustrous locks but there are very few for the scalp, if any. This product from The Earth Collective is for the scalp. Now, usually you’d have a toner for your skin but this one is for your scalp. So when you have freshly washed hair or even greasy hair from a wash two days ago, this product nourishes your scalp and infuses life into it. I particularly loved how it was unsticky and because I put it in with a massage, the product feel relaxing as well. Overall, a luxury product worth your money and time and that extra step after washing your hair.


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Moroccan Oil Hair Care Range


Moroccan Oil

First of all, if you like your hair to smell amazing, the products from Moroccan Oil give you exactly that. The shampoo, conditioner and treatments all come with a lovely fragrance that will have people sniffing your hair, in a good way. I tried the hydrating range for my hair and haven’t looked back ever since.



Most TIGI products are only available in salons but if you are looking for a salon-like experience at home, grab these on your way home. If you’ve taken time off from work to get a wash and blow dry if you were feeling particularly fancy, a TIGI product will enhance that pampering experience. It helps that it smells fabulous and leaves your hair looking like you’re in a commercial. I highly recommend.

St. Botanica Hair Care


St. Botanica Hair Care Range

There are some of us who love playing around with colour and I am not talking about Holi. I have, on more than one occasion, coloured my hair a peroxide blonde (horrible) or a bright red (really pretty) on a whim. But once you’ve coloured your hair, it’s important to take care of it so the texture isn’t ruined. And for that, the St. Botanica range that has the purple shampoo for bleached or blonde hair will do the trick. I say, try it out.

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