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Here’s How To Pick The Perfect Bridal Blouse Design According To Your Body Type

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One of our favourite aspects of modern Indian bridal wear is how much it has evolved to make room for experimentation. No more do we’ve to stick to a certain blouse design, only because that’s what came with the lehenga. We are seeing more and more unique styles of blouses on brides, who are finally paying attention to detail when it comes to silhouettes. Taking into account one’s body type is one of the prime details that brides can be clueless about. And this could make or break the outfit cause dressing according to your body type can make such a huge difference between a ‘good look’ and a ‘drop dead gorgeous diva’. Picking the right bridal blouse can also mean that we can use it later with other pieces, and not just on the big day.

So with no further ado, here are some tips on how to pick the right bridal blouse according to your body type!


The apple-shaped body is defined by prominent shoulders, a wide torso, and slimmer arms, legs, and hips. Women with this body type are often pressed for options that fit well on their shoulders their bust, which can get tricky if the stitching lacks quality. In such cases, it might be easier to let the shoulders be and opt for halter neck blouses that will further add weight to the bust. Alternatively, brides can also pick elbow-sleeved and full-sleeved blouses to add structure to their top half, granted that they are in lighter materials like chiffon or georgette. Avoid heavily detailed necklines and plunge styles.


Think Kim Kardashian in a bodysuit- pear-shaped women are blessed with a curvaceous behind. Also, a key element of this body type is the slimmer waist and bust, making  proportioning one’s body is the need of the hour. Given how bringing attention to the bust area becomes crucial, brides can look at elaborate designs and heavily beaded designs. The pear-shaped bride also has the option to take their pick from the trendy long blouses like peplum and sheer panelled stitches, given that the waist is well-defined in them. Steer clear of any minimal designs that might make your bust look smaller, and that includes all those sexy bandeau blouses you have seen online! The proportions can look off.

Slender Or Slim Frame

Also called as the rectangular body type, slender women sport a shape with no defined curves. The bust usually matches the waist’s dimensions, with a leaner waist. This is when we need some sartorial magic to add curves to our frame…cropped blouses fitted at the bust, corset styles to amp up the drama and full neck cholis can do the trick. We can also look at deep ‘V’ blouses as well, to create an illusion of a fuller bust. Avoid anything baggy or flowy, they will look out of place.

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Inverted Triangle

Jacquline Fernandez is such a great example of the inverted triangle body type. She sports an enviable ratio of prominent shoulders, heavy bust, narrow hips, and a tight waist. This can also be attributed to how incredibly fit she is, giving her the Greek goddess-like measurements. To best style the inverted triangle shape, women should focus on drawing attention away from their upper body, since it already so well-defined. A simple bralette blouse is such a good idea, with off-shoulder, spaghetti straps and boat-necked designs being other alternatives.

Hourglass Figure

One of the most versatile body types, the hourglass shape is defined by equally proportioned curvy busts and hips, and a considerably slimmer waist. With so much room for experimentation, brides can look at designs that will show off their athletic collar bones and toned waist. Round and sweetheart necklines are absolutely flattering to this body type, with heavier fabrics like velvet, brocade and embroidered blends elevating the look to another level. We love the little sleeves detail on Katrina Kaif’s Manish Malhotra creation. It is just the kind of added detailing hourglass figures can get away with without looking OTT!

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