‘Bigg Boss 16’: Sajid Khan Verbally Abuses, Threatens Gautam Vig, Twitter Says “He’s Showing His True Personality”

‘Bigg Boss 16’: Sajid Khan Verbally Abuses, Threatens Gautam Vig, Twitter Says “He’s Showing His True Personality”

You know, I used to believe that anything in the Bigg Boss house but contestants breaking rules is not valid at all and they might face serious consequences for their actions. But after watching the latest episode, I think I was wrong and Twitterati will agree with me. In the recent episode, Sajid Khan can be seen threatening Gautam Vij multiple times and breaking BB’s property after the latter decided to forsake one week’s rations for captaincy.

So, a lot of drama unfolded when some contestants including Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Sajid Khan, Nimrit Abdu Rozik, MC Stan, and Shiv Thakare went on a hunger strike against Gautam Vig and his captaincy. During a recent episode of Bigg Boss 16, director Sajid Khan can be seen verbally abusing Gautam Vig after he decided to forsake one week’s rations to become the captain of the house. He also flashed his middle finger at him and threatened him multiple times. After that, people on Twitter are furious and they are saying that Sajid Khan is showing his true personality here. They are angry over the fact that the makers did not take any action against him.


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However, Sajid Khan and other contestants were seen eating pizza in the confession room in one episode.

Take a look at their reactions here:

May users are asking why Bigg Boss is not taking any action against Sajid Khan who is abusing and threatening his co-contestant. They also pointed out that he is breaking objects in the house which is not right at all.


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Some users also mentioned that Tina Datta is the only contestant who pointed out that how Sajid Khan’s behaviour towards Gautam Vig is completely wrong because it is too violent. She also added that contestants will not feel safe if Sajid will threaten to break bottles on Gautam’s head multiple times.

After watching the latest episode of the reality show, we are confused why Bigg Boss is tolerating Sajid Khan’s problematic behaviour in the house. Looks like TRP is more important than the contestants’ safety.

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