AR Rahman Had A Chill Reaction To Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscars Slapgate. He Has Moved On From The Issue, So Should We All!

The Oscars Awards 2022 witnessed one of the most dramatic scenes of all time. Yes, I am talking about that moment when Will Smith stood from his chair, walked up to the stage and smacked comedian Chris Rock right across his face. Not only the ones who religiously watch these awards were left shell-shocked but also the ones who do not have much interest in them and want to know how that went down also went and watched this particular clip online. Well, a couple of weeks have passed since the incident took place and now Indian music maestro AR Rahman has shared his thoughts on the Will Smith-Chris Rock incident.

AR Rahman On Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock

The Guru music composer was a guest on The Kapil Sharma Show, there is a segment where the host, Kapil Sharma, shows his guests a couple of pictures that they have shared on their Instagram handles. So, during this segment for AR Rahman, the photo that was shown was that of him posing with Wil Smith. It was an old picture but people had commented on the same about the Oscars’ issue. AR Rahman called Will a ‘sweetheart’ and also said that he is a ‘nice’ person. Sharing his thoughts on the whole slapping incident, AR Rahman said simply said that ‘sometimes things happen’. Rahman had also attended the Oscars this year. He was invited to Kapil’s show to promote the upcoming film Heropanti 2 for which he has composed music.


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Meanwhile, Will Smith’s act of aggression has earned him a ban from attending the Oscars for 10 years. Chris cracked a joke about Will’s wife Jada’s shaved head and this is what angered him.

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