8 Signs That You’re Being Used In A Relationship

8 Signs That You’re Being Used In A Relationship

Relationships and love are complicated and sometimes toxic too. And sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between relationships, situationships and convenienceships. Sadly, as much as we’d like to deny it, the fact is that it’s not uncommon for people to manipulate someone for their own benefit. Be it financial, emotional or sexual. But it’s difficult for the other person to tell that they’re being used. More so when you care about the other person but have more to offer in a relationship than them. In such cases, we often feel used but that’s not always the case. Complicated, hai na? This is why we’ve decoded signs that indicate that you’re being used in a relationship.

 How To Recognize If You Are Being Used In A Relationship, Romantic Or Otherwise?

1. One-sided conversations are the biggest indicator that you’re being used. It’s okay to have a monologue and rant every now and then but if they’re just not interested in having a conversation with you or hearing what you have to say, chances are that they’re just using you for their own benefit.

2. They’re always nice when they need something from you. If that’s not a sign then I don’t know what is. They may be distant and disinterested normally but you always know that they are nicer and more affectionate towards you when they need a favour. Be it financial or otherwise.

3. They’re always asking for favours without much consideration. For instance, they may ask for money or help in networking or ask to borrow your car but they’re not too concerned with your choice, preference or problems. For example, they may emotionally blackmail you into letting them borrow your car irrespective of the fact that you have a plan or need the car for something.

4. They expect you to take care of their needs and make you feel obliged to do so. It could be something as simple as picking them up and dropping them off or picking up the tab when you’re out. And once they get what they want, they have little to no concern about you.

5. Their own convenience is more important to them than their relationship with you. For example, they may be intimate or affectionate or emotional with you only when they want it with no concern for your emotional or sexual needs in the relationship.

6. While they expect you to be there for them when they need you, they fail to stand by when you need them. They hardly make an effort to be there for you.

7. You are always rescuing them without any appreciation or gratitude whatsoever. They make you feel like you’re obliged to save or rescue them from trouble but they never come to your rescue.

8. You rarely ever go out on dates with them alone. When someone is using you for their own benefit, they tend to prioritise you a lot lesser and that’s probably why most of your dates with them involve other people, couples or their friends or a social setting that requires them to have a partner with them.

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You need to understand that such relationships are not only unhealthy but they lead nowhere. And they often tend to take a toll on the mental health of the person being used and leave them feeling broken. This is why it is essential to look out for the signs and save yourself the trouble when you see it coming.

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