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Research Says Women Are More Likely Than Men To Be In “Lower-Earning Pathways.” Sigh, Not Surprised

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Women in the workforce are paid less than men. A huge body of research has accounted for such diagnoses and investigations into the gender pay gap and the reasons behind it continuing to occur every day. Masculinity and Femininity in the modern world have had a very narrow-focused approach when it comes to working lives. It is believed that the responsibilities that come with being a woman have profound consequences on the amount and quality of work that women are able to deliver in the outside world. In fact, it is also belives that many women are also ‘supposed’ to give more time to the family and other obligations of similar nature.

But, all of these differences are nothing but a form of direct and indirect discrimination, even in cases where women are well educated and seek to pursue employment in the high-wage industries and occupations, it has been observed that they are constantly underpaid compared to men. This leads to the women facing much greater economic hardships and the birth of a massive gender gap in the professional world.

Gender gap

What Does The Data Have To Say About Gender Gap?

A lot of demographics have been constantly considered to track down the gender wage gap. One of the more reputable ones from the US Census Bureau studies the annual pay of full-time workers and came to the conclusion that women are paid 80 cents for every dollar a man is paid. Another demographic paints the picture about the hourly pay without excluding part-time workers and showcases that compared to men, typically women are paid 83 cents on the dollar.

Due to counter argumentative data existing to measure the gap can often mislead people into thinking that the data on the gender wage gap is unreliable. Although, the data about the gender wage gap is significantly conclusive and concise and sadly persistent across the scale of the gap. In easy words, the way it is measured doesn’t change the answer to different questions. Perhaps after having even more understanding of the data the so-called contradictory measures of the wage gap, could be improved to put an end to the disputes around the gender wage gap.

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Gender Inequality

Women Face Extreme Pressure To Conform

Many women have reported their immediate family disapproving of their decisions to work outside the home which just goes to show that it is high time for the gender gap and the taboo to be broken. Equal remuneration for work of equal value must be protected by the law and is a practice that should be promoted. Improving wage transparency and gender-neutral job evaluation can lead to the strengthening of the existing systems like minimum wages and collective bargaining.

Women tackle occupational segregation and are way more likely to be over-represented in occupations that are perceived as unskilled usually in the hospitality industry. Going by the date it is obvious that women want to be in paid employment although a lot of socio-economic barriers keep holding them down from doing so. Helping identify and understand these barriers will ultimately help us develop smarter policies for getting rid of them and improvising the currently existing solutions overall making the world a better and safer place to work.

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Men and women at work

The bottom line is that everyone should be entitled and free to work as per their choice and given dignity, safety, and fairness as it is a basic human right and every person in the world should have equal access to this. The gender pay gap can have many implications in today’s world looking at it from an economic standpoint, a reduction in the gender pay gap will lead to more labour force participation could and can significantly increase global GDP.

Countries with fewer gender pay gaps have witnessed a massive rise in their economies. Isn’t it about time to make laws and make this happen?

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