Twitter User Lists All Things That Have Been Done To Remove Sajid Khan From ‘Bigg Boss 16’. It’s Safe To Say We Have Failed As A Society!

Twitter User Lists All Things That Have Been Done To Remove Sajid Khan From ‘Bigg Boss 16’. It’s Safe To Say We Have Failed As A Society!

In a country like ours, it’s not easy for a woman to come out with allegations of sexual abuse against a man. The reason? Well, we’re known to scrutinise and judge a woman when she accused a man. It takes people all of 5 seconds to character-assassinate a woman based on what she was doing, what she was wearing, her love life and past relations. And the legal process and shaming that comes with a woman’s attempt to seek justice is a different can of worms. Our society is known to practically ghost sexual abuse victims and give accused people a second chance irrespective of what they have done. The past few weeks are proof of it. I mean, we’ve been seeing a man accused of sexual abuse by not one but 10 women on India’s biggest reality show, Bigg Boss. Filmmaker Sajid Khan is on the show trying to revamp his image and get back into the business and despite all the allegations against him, several actors have come out in support and pointed out that he deserves a second chance but not many spoke about the victims in this case.

In India, it’s not easy to take on a man accused of sexual abuse, especially a man in a position of power and with money and contacts to back him up. Recently, a journalist on Twitter spoke up about how tough it is for women in India to come out and stand up against a man even with media and public support. The Twitter user pointed out that after 9 allegations during the #MeToo movement yet another actress, Sheela Priya Seth has accused the filmmaker of misconduct. She went on to list all the things that have happened since Sajid Khan entered the Bigg Boss 16 house. Sharing that Sherlyn Chopra has filed a police complaint, petitions have been started against the filmmaker’s participation in the show, women’s body has written to the I&B ministry to remove him from the reality show, people have appealed to National Commission For Women, panel discussions have been held, hashtags have been trended on social media, media has reported the allegations, people have appealed to the channel and solidarity has been shown on the matter by the public but nothing has happened.

In the Twitter thread, the journalist expressed anger that nothing has happened to the filmmaker and that he has not been removed from the reality show despite all the efforts put in by people collectively. Filmmaker Sajid Khan continues his stint on ColorsTV and Bigg Boss 16. Calling out the channel for capitalising on it and gaining publicity and slamming the media for the daily coverage of what he is doing inside the house, the journalist said that despite 10 sexual misconduct allegations, he continues to remain free. She further urged people to not buy into the false narratives of how women have it easy and men are the real victims. She also pointed out that all the actors and models who are coming out with allegations have social media and support from people from the very beginning but most people do not know how women and other “vulnerable minorities” are treated by the police.

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Acknowledging the crimes that happened to men, the Twitter user said that men are also victims in several circumstances and often women are the criminals but the scales do not favour women. She went on to add that it’s the fear of being attacked by men that she has to defend her thread by acknowledging the crimes against men. She concluded by adding that in India, women and minorities find it “incredibly hard” to obtain justice.

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TBH, she’s not wrong. If filmmaker Sajid Khan’s case isn’t proof enough, I do not know what is. All of us have to watch the man on our television screens every single day as he plays his game. Despite all the media and public pressure put on the makers of the show, we have collectively failed to have him removed from the show. And let’s be honest, this isn’t a case where a man has been accused of misconduct by one woman, it’s a total of 10 women who have come out in open with allegations against Sajid Khan. The keyword here is: come out. We do not know if there are any who have chosen to remain silent after witnessing the media circus around all the women who have gone public with their allegations.

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NGL but this makes me feel like a failure. As a society, we have failed to empathise with women and remove a man accused of sexual abuse by several women from attempting to revamp his image on a reality show to get back into showbiz. Despite all the solidarity, we have failed, which says a lot about the power the filmmaker wields. And the women in this case are the ones who have access and resources, imagine the ones who do not have access. What do they have to deal with to seek justice after coming out with sexual abuse allegations?

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