There’s A Petition Demanding Sajid Khan’s Eviction From ‘Bigg Boss’ 16. Fat Chance It’ll Work

There’s A Petition Demanding Sajid Khan’s Eviction From ‘Bigg Boss’ 16. Fat Chance It’ll Work

Social Media is just the right space to call out injustices. Sadly, it is also used for unnecessary backlashes and bans, but this time the social media users have come together for indeed a noble cause, and one that is much needed! As you may know by now that one of the Bigg Boss contestants is the MeToo accused, Sajid Khan, and this has really not been accepted by the viewers of the show, and the public in general. The show received severe backlash and criticism for this, and now to make this voice stronger, Internet users have demanded that the makers remove the filmmaker, Sajid Khan from Bigg Boss 16, and have also raised a petition for it. I believe this shall prove to be just a futile try.


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Bigg Boss, which is currently airing its 16th season, is amidst a controversy with Sajid Khan being one of the participants in the house. Sajid Khan was accused by 9 women in cases of sexual abuse, and molestation during the Me Too movement. The sad part about the whole situation is that the accused is still getting a space and opportunity to come on a popular show like Bigg Boss. And, also the fact that none of the well-known personalities associated with the show, especially, Salman Khan called out this injustice.

Nevertheless, the common public has come up with their own way to make their voices heard by the makers of Bigg Boss. There is currently a trend happening on Twitter, that says, Remove Sajid Khan. Twitter users are trending the petition for this and many people have already joined it. The petition was started by Chandrana Hiran and Sukriti and has already garnered a lot of support on it.

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Many Twitter users who have signed the petition are urging more people to join this.

With this, the people are also pointing fingers at the show, for bringing a man like Sajid Khan on the show, just to try and rebuild his image. Which I am sure, none of us will buy.

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I appreciate the step taken by the public to demand the eviction of a MeToo accused from Bigg Boss. But, unfortunately, this might just fall on deaf ears. You ask why? Because, when a show is made, even when the planning starts, the decisions of who will be on the show are thoroughly discussed. Do you really think the makers would not have given a thought before making Sajid Khan one of the contestants? The kind of attention the show is getting because of his presence, even if a negative one still fulfills the agenda of the makers to have a sexual predator’s presence on the show. If they really cared about the emotions of the victims or even the public, Sajid Khan would never have gotten this opportunity. Now, everything is just adding to the TRP of the show, more buzz around it, and of course the publicity! A big star like Salman Khan who is the show’s host, has not uttered a word against this, Why? Do these things not indicate that it was a conscious and deliberate decision? Having Sajid Khan is just a mere trick to grab more public eye, and I do not believe he is being kicked out of the show anytime soon. However, I would be glad if proven wrong!

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