Sure, Bigg Boss Put A #MeToo Accused Incharge Of 19-Year-Old But What Kind Of Guidance Will Sajid Khan Provide Abdu Rozik?

Sure, Bigg Boss Put A #MeToo Accused Incharge Of 19-Year-Old But What Kind Of Guidance Will Sajid Khan Provide Abdu Rozik?

Bigg Boss 16 began a few nights ago and ever since then it has been making us cringe (I mean it always makes us cringe but still!). This season of the reality show seems to be much more problematic than all previous seasons mainly due to the kind of people that are now living in the Bigg Boss house. From a #MeToo accused to stalking accused, Bigg Boss 16 has it all. Even before the show began, Sajid Khan’s participation in the show raised several eyebrows and left us all shocked. Despite all the sexual harassment allegations, the filmmaker made his way to the reality show and is, clearly, using the opportunity to revamp his image and revive his career without actually addressing the allegations. But that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that despite all of this, Sajid is now playing father figure to a young man in the house.

Bigg Boss 16 features a rather unique contestant, a singer from Tajikistan, Abdu Rozik. The 19-year-old singer, who gained popularity on social media, made his way to the Bigg Boss 16 house but Abdu is not fluent in English or Hindi. Ever since his entry into the house, the gharwalas have been finding interesting ways to communicate with the singer with a mix of Hindi and English and actions. Interestingly, Bigg Boss seems to have decided that Abdu needs a translator to help him connect with the viewers and has tasked (yep, you guessed it right) Sajid Khan with it. The filmmaker has been helping Abdu communicate with the gharwalas as well as the viewers. But more importantly, Sajid is now playing the role of a father figure and guiding the 19-year-old singer through his Bigg Boss journey and we find that extremely problematic.


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The simple fact that Sajid Khan has been accused of sexually harassing not one but 9 women, is problematic enough. And to add to that, he’s now on our television screens and we have to watch him act like he never did anything, every single day. What’s worse is that this #MeToo accused is not giving guidance to an innocent, young and impressionable boy. But what kind of guidance do the makers of Bigg Boss think that someone like Sajid Khan can give a 19-year-old? Do we really want impressionable minds around a filmmaker accused of sexually harassing women? What kind of guidance can Sajid Khan provide Abdu Rozik?

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TBH, we know Sajid Khan is here for an image cleanse but can’t that be done without having an impressionable mind involved in it? We don’t need an innocent man learning the wrong things or being guided by a #MeToo accused. More so, since the man has categorically denied the allegations and even went on to act like it never happened. Not just Sajid but even the other contestants on Bigg Boss 16 and host Salman Khan have also failed to address the elephant in the room. With everyone acting as if Sajid Khan is making this entire situation even more problematic. Moreover, I wonder if Abdu has any idea about the allegations made against Sajid. I’d love to find out how he feels about Bigg Boss asking a #MeToo accused to help and guide him while playing translator!

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