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Tahira Kashyap Was In The ICU Due To Bottle Gourd Toxicity, Posts To Spread Awareness About It

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We live in a time where every Tom, Dick, and Harry is super conscious about their health and well-being. So, to ensure that they are healthy, a lot of people are trying different things and food combinations to attain the best results. Most people who try out these combinations don’t seek out the help of a nutritionist or a dietitian, but rather follow bloggers, influencers, health pages, etc. on social media or the internet to make their diet plan. And that doesn’t always go as planned. Every drink/food item when had in proportion (for different people there are different proportions) works the best, but when one overdoes it, or doesn’t consume it properly, well, it is going to cause problems. In her latest Instagram post, filmmaker Tahira Kashyap revealed how she was admitted to the ICU due to bottle gourd (dudhi or lauki) toxicity.


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Tahira Kashyap shared with her Instagram followers that she was admitted to the hospital in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) because she was suffering from bottle gourd toxicity. The author made an Instagram reel to talk about how she had bottle gourd juice even though it tasted bitter and then ended up with “17 bouts of vomit.” 

The filmmaker revealed in her Instagram reel that her health started deteriorating and her blood pressure dropped to 40. It was after this that Tahira was rushed to the hospital and was under the doctor’s supervision for two days. And now that she was fine, she wanted to take the time out to share her experience and spread awareness about bottle gourd toxicity so that others can be careful and avoid it.

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Her Instagram reel also revealed that Tahira Kashyap, who battled breast cancer, used to have a combination of bottle gourd, amla, and turmeric and also that she used to drink bottle gourd juice every day. In the video, she urged her followers to not have the juice if it tasted bitter as it could prove to be unhealthy and harmful for them.

As a caption to her Instagram reel, Tahira Kashyap wrote, “PLS LISTEN TO THIS! Instagram is an amazing platform for spreading awareness! Pls read about BOTTLE GOURD TOXICITY! I might be sounding all sorted and cool in this video that I made from my set, but I was in deep sh#%! Sharing deets as doctors also asked me to spread the awareness around too. I have picked my phone on all those who I know have the #greenjuice Bottle gourd toxicity has dire consequences, and dire is an understatement. Please read in between the lines. It’s lethal. In the name of health just don’t keep popping juices! There was a reason why I was in the ICU for the same, don’t want to divulge more gory details, but pls spread the word around.” 

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Having juices, green vegetables, fruits, and other healthy food items is a great practice, But you have to be careful as to what you’re consuming, how much you’re consuming, and whether what you’re consuming is fresh or not. It is only after you keep a check on these things that you can lead a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, just like Tahira Kashyap and many others, you will cause more harm to your body than good.

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