Rana Ayyub Files Complaint With Mumbai Police After Receiving Death Threats, Rape Threats, And Vulgar Comments On Social Media

All the while growing up, we’re taught that we have the right to freedom of speech. However, nowadays, it seems that the speech has to suit the fancies of all those in power. I mean, isn’t it why most journalists, comedians, etc. who speak up about the atrocities of the country receive death threats, rape threats, vulgar messages, etc. from the supporters of parties? And this time around it is no different. Yet again a journalist who put her opinion out on Twitter got subjected to abuse online. Yep, I’m talking about Rana Ayyub who received rape and death threats and obscene messages on social media. Following which the Mumbai police filed an FIR against the unidentified people.


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It all started back on January 25th, when Rana Ayyub took to Twitter to shed light on 26.4 thousand tweets that she received that were filled with rape threats, death threats, vulgar comments, and people calling her a terror sympathiser. These tweets were a direct response to her tweet that she posted in solidarity with Yemen and called out the Saudis.


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Rana Ayyub, who is a well-known journalist, also claimed that fake news was spread about her by using a photoshopped tweet of her saying that she hates India and the people living in it. However, the fake news spread like wildfire, and as a response, the journalist received a tonne of death threats, rape, threats, vulgar comments, etc. 

And recently, on January 31st, 2022, based on her complaint, the Mumbai police has filed an FIR against those who spread the fake news, morphed tweets, and sent rape and death threats to her. Rana Ayyub in her tweet said, “Mumbai Police has registered an FIR against those who disseminated fake news, morphed tweets and death and rape threats against me. About time these brazen and consolidated acts of online violence are stopped and the perpetrators brought to book.” 

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In a follow-up twRanaeet, Rana Ayyub wrote, “Impressed with the alacrity and co-operation of @CPMumbaiPolice @Dwalsepatil @supriya_sule @satejp @CMOMaharashtra . This bullying and assault on women needs to stop. Hope the accused are brought to book soon”

It really is funny how when someone speaks their mind, they are abused and cursed on social media. Honestly, I genuinely hope that the people who have sent her rape threats and death threats are punished for it.

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