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Prachi Desai Said She Never Wanted To Work In Sexist Films, Was Disrespected By Prominent Filmmakers Because Of It

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As an audience who is increasingly becoming woke and realising the potential of digital when it comes to quality content, it is often easy for us to declare that actors need to choose better roles and do better films. However, it’s not always that easy on the other side of that argument. Often even the most talented of artists have had to take up work they didn’t want to for the sake of money or simply having something to do. And more often than not, it is is also a matter of not turning down industry bigwigs when they come to you with role offers, because this is an industry that runs on maintaining ‘relationships’ and staying in people’s good books. Actor Prachi Desai recently talked about how she was disrespected by prominent filmmakers because she dared to tell them ‘no’.



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We haven’t seen all that much of Prachi Desai on our screens. But that’s changed with the Zee5 film, Silence: Can You Hear It? in which she plays a cop, alongside Manoj Bajpayee and more. Being back in the limelight and finally doing the kind of roles that she wanted, Prachi recalled the time when she had to turn down roles for whatever reasons and it pissed some big directors when she did that.

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She told a leading publication that for the longest time, all that filmmakers and producers wanted her to do was “be hot”. But Prachi knew that she wanted to stay away from sexist films, so become selective about the roles she picked, and stayed away from others. But, of course, not everyone takes ‘no’ well. Turns out, she managed to piss some bigwigs off because they weren’t used to being turned down. The’d even ask her to sign a film without a script or narration!

She said, “”I could not possibly give the nod to a film like that. I dealt with this for two years before deciding to not put up with it anymore. The notion that others developed was that I was not interested. Word spread, and some people merely on hearsay didn’t approach me.”

It sucks that talented actresses like Prachi Desai, who want to stay away from regressive cinema have it so hard. Thankfully, the rise of streaming services has finally given them some much needed respite.

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