Here’s What Emily’s Bold Lips And Bangs In Season 3 Of ‘Emily In Paris’ Signify

Her makeup is evolving!
Here’s What Emily’s Bold Lips And Bangs In Season 3 Of ‘Emily In Paris’ Signify

From romancing Gabriel (played by Lucas Bravo) to falling for Alfie (played by Lucien Laviscount), we’ve all been with Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins) throughout her journey of moving from Chicago to Paris to settling down in the capital of France in the Netflix series Emily In Paris. And to say that we’ve loved the journey would really be an understatement. While the Fashion girls may have disapproved of Emily’s taste and evolution through the various season, the beauty girls feel otherwise.

Now, I totally get why the Fashion girls disliked Emily’s sartorial choices in Emily In Paris season 3. I mean, she’s literally living in the Fashion capital of the world and to disappoint people in terms of clothing is rather unacceptable. But the beauty girls can’t keep calm because Emily’s beauty choice showcases not just her character growth but also her evolution in the city which has a lot to do with how well she has settled in the capital of France.

Let me explain. Speaking to an entertainment portal, Lily Collins’ makeup artist from Emily In Paris, Aurélie Payen explained Emily Cooper’s beauty evolution as she finds her footing in Paris. The makeup artist shared that in seasons 1 and 2, Emily’s beauty looks were created keeping the lips in mind.

Season 1 Of Emily In Paris

After observing that French women often wear bold red lips to work, the makeup artist made Lily’s character wear red lipstick during the day which showcases that she’s someone who is career oriented. For someone who has just arrived in Paris, Emily plays the role of the perfect American girl taking inspiration from French women as she picks her makeup looks, mostly involving bold lips with red undertones.

Season 2 Of Emily In Paris

Now as Emily gets comfortable in the French city in season 2 of Emily In Paris, we see how she plays more with colours and eye makeup. Speaking about the same, the makeup artist explains how she stuck to balm textures but glammed her up with different lips and eyelids as well as colours.

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Season 3 Of Emily In Paris

Coming to season 3 of Emily In Paris, we see Emily Cooper sporting a new hairstyle and picking bold lip colours and I totally get it. Personally, I am someone who turns to new looks and bold lipsticks for a little pick-me-up. Explaining the same, Aurélie Payen said that Emily turns to bangs when she’s dealing with life problems and TBH that’s just all of us, women. Most of us go for a haircut or hair colour when we go through a breakup or have life problems.

Speaking to another portal, the makeup artist elaborated that the bangs Emily sports in season 3 give her look a French touch. Considering that face-framing hairstyles are going to be in trend in 2023, bangs were a great choice. Now, allow me to give you a little more insight into fringe and bangs. When you get a haircut that covers your forehead and brings more focus to the top part of your face, it highlights your eyes which means that it’s essential to keep your eye makeup simple and that leaves one with only one choice, play with lips which means colours. Now, that’s precisely what Emily did.

In season 3 of Emily In Paris, you’ll see that she wears a lot of bold lip colours that include shades of brown, plum tones, berry colours, orange shades and pink as well. The makeup artist also revealed that this move has a powerful meaning. In season 3 of the series, Emily has a lot to speak and we see her voice getting bolder just like her lipstick colours.


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In simple words, Emily’s makeup speaks volumes. This also means that you don’t always have to say things aloud, sometimes (like me), you can let your makeup do the talking.

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