Tweeple Mock Smriti Mandhana As RCB Wins 1st WPL Match After 6 Losses. They Could’ve Been Supportive!

Bas yehi karna aata hai in trolls ko!
Tweeple Mock Smriti Mandhana As RCB Wins 1st WPL Match After 6 Losses. They Could’ve Been Supportive!

The ongoing Women’s Premiere League has proven to be quite a nail-biting experience for cricket fans. From seeing the female players put forth their best gameplay to showering appreciation on them when their favourite team won, fans are having a good time in the first edition of the women’s IPL. It had been a dry run for the RCB team as they did not win a single match so far. Fans were dejected and had lost hope as the playoffs neared. But in the latest match UPW Vs RCB, the latter won by five wickets. Instead of celebrating this win, and supporting the team for their efforts, Internet users have mocked them.

Internet users have turned ruthless in trolling the women’s RCB team for winning their first match of the season this year. From mean comments to memes, all have been shared on Twitter, as cricket watchers talked about the latest UPW Vs RCB match. Twitterati has gone on to mock Smriti Mandhana for the losses the team faced so far.

Another mahaan Twitter user compared the differences between having Sania Mirza as a mentor and Virat Kohli as a motivator. These were also mean jokes on how neither the RCB men’s and women’s teams have delivered good performances.

It is just sad that people think it is cool and funny to mock the players for their losses. There are wins and losses in every game, and continuing to play with spirit is proof of RCB’s sportsmanship!

Recently, Virat Kohli paid a visit to the women’s RCB team to give them a pep talk after their consistent losses. He was talking about how has been playing IPL for 15 years and hasn’t won the trophy once. He also added that this has not stopped him from feeling excited about the tournament every year.

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People’s one-sided appreciation only proves that they are waiting for a chance to mock the WPL. Instead of trolling, people could collectively just support the team which would have truly boosted the team’s morale!

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