“Because They Were Rich People…”: Class 12 Girl Ends Life, Blames Police Failure To Arrest Her Molestors

This is so sad.
“Because They Were Rich People…”: Class 12 Girl Ends Life, Blames Police Failure To Arrest Her Molestors

It is so so so sad, that money and power can buy anything. It can shut people down from saying the truth, and it is powerless who suffer in the end. Some shocking incidents and crimes against women that make headlines leave you with nothing but hopelessness. A class 12 girl recently committed died by suicide because the police silently refused to help her. The girl was molested by four boys in her neighbourhood over the span of many month. Her parents had even filed a complaint and yet the police did nothing, leaving the girl with no other option but to take her own life.

The unfortunate incident has surfaced from Moradabad, in Uttar Pradesh. The ordeal of the girl was penned by her in the suicide note, discovered at the crime scene. In the note, the girl clearly mentioned that the failure on the part of the police to help her made her take this extreme step. The girl’s parents had complained about the four boys who used to regularly harass the girl, so much so that they used to sneak into the house and take objectionable videos of her. In fact, the girl in her suicide note also highlighted that since the boys came from a rich background, she was not, as per the news.

The girl had also accused the boys of threatening to kill her parents. Since the police did not give her justice while she was alive, the girl hoped that her death would be an eye-opener for them. She had even mentioned this in her suicide note and appealed to the police that they punish the four accused in this case.

As per the news, the police immediately took action post this incident and have already taken into custody two culprits. The search for the other accused is still ongoing. The in charge of the Moradabad police station who had received the girl’s complaint yet chose not to act has been temporarily discharged from his duties.

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This incident makes you sad, angry and irritated. A young girl who was left so hopeless by the people responsible to protect the citizens chose death to be the only option to get justice. Does this not reflect the collective failure to make this society a safe place for women and girls? The rich-poor gap that widely prevails in society is sickening, why are even crimes viewed from this lens? And that too by the police?

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