Delhi Police Seeks Proof From Rahul Gandhi On Claims Of Sexual Harassment Cases Against Women

We really hope the police helps them!

The Indian National Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi made headlines on Sunday, March 19, after the Delhi police issued him a letter over some claims made in his speech during the Bharat Jodo Yatra. The 150 days long procession that Rahul Gandhi successfully completed witnessed many historical moments like an all-women walk etc. During one of his speeches, the leader made claims about sexual harassment cases against women, for which Delhi police approached him with a notice.


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On March 19, Monday, the Delhi police led by the Superintendent of police Sagar Preet Hooda visited Rahul Gandhi’s residence and as per the news, the leader himself received the letter and also had a brief conversation with the police. Rahul Gandhi in his Srinagar’s Bharat Jodo Yatra speech mentioned that there are still many sexual harassment cases happening against women. The notice was issued in this regard, and the police needed some evidence from the leader so that they could help the women in need.

As per the reports on this matter, Rahul Gandhi has requested some time to collect and submit proof of his claims. Since there were so many people and women that the leader came across during his walk, it was impossible for him to keep a check on the data and so has asked for some time to submit the same. The police have assured assistance to those sexual harassment victims on the basis of the information provided by the Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi. As per the news, if the matter requires questioning in the future, the Delhi police will not be hesitating in doing so. 

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Well, it is not really surprising to know that there are many sexual harassment cases against women still happening in India, and so many of them never make the news. However, we hope that the police really reach out to them!

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