In Paris, Topless Female Activists Disrupt Anti-Abortion Protest Demanding Abortion Rights

The activists were detained by the police
In Paris, Topless Female Activists Disrupt Anti-Abortion Protest Demanding Abortion Rights

Abortion rights have been a big debate among people across the globe. While “pro-life” people are anti-abortion rights and call the medical termination of pregnancy “murder”. On the other hand, there are “pro-choice” people who believe that every woman has the right to choose what she does and does not want to do with her body and rightly so. This debate over abortion rights in France has become extremely heated as the French government deliberate abortion rights. In a surprising turn of events, 6 female activists from an organisation named FEMEN protested topless, dressed in white shorts stained with red ink, to disrupt the anti-abortion march in Paris.

The French government is currently considering The Abortion Bill that enshrines abortion right in the French Constitution. It has already been given assent by the French Assembly and is set to be placed before the French Senate on February 1. If the bill receives assent from the French Senate, it will need a national referendum in order to be enshrined in the French Constitution. Amid the heated debate over abortion rights, a large crowd marched against abortion rights in Paris on Sunday. This march/rally was then disrupted by the female activists who turned up at the place topless with white shorts stained with red ink to protest against the anti-abortion march.

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In the viral video being repeatedly shared online, the activists can be seen loudly chanting a slogan in French which reportedly means “Abortion is sacred, march for whose life?”. Just as the women started protesting bare-chested, the Paris police were quick to react as they were apprehended and taken into police custody. The female activists demanded abortion right be enshrined in the French Constitution and made a fundamental right.

The female activists were taken into police custody and they remained there for 7 hours after which they were released. According to French media, two protests have been banned from entering the 7th arrondissement for 3 months. They have also been directed to appear before the court in June 2023 while 3 other protestors were let go without any charges.

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For the unversed, as per French laws, women can get a pregnancy medically terminated on demand till 14 weeks. Apart from that, they are permitted to get abortions in the later stages till the time of birth provided they obtain the opinions of 2 doctors to certify that the pregnancy poses a risk to the life of the woman (physical or mental) or if the child suffers from a deformity or illness that is believed to be incurable.

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