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Hautetalk: How Roe V Wade, Anti-Abortion Laws, Social Attitude Burdens An Already Overpopulated Word

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Do you know how many people are currently living on this godforsaken planet? As per stats, the number is over 8 billion people. Yep, that’s definitely a lot. I’m pretty sure that I do not have to spell out that the world itself is facing an overpopulation crisis. We have too many people and very few resources to sustain them. But before thinking about the consequences, let’s talk about why is there still overpopulation? And one of the reasons for it is the anti-abortion laws along with the social attitude that is imbibed in most overpopulated countries. 

Let’s look at India for a second. In our country, we tend to shame and criticise women who do not want to have kids. We constantly shower them with taunts and judgemental looks for not wanting kids. In fact, we force and raise our girls to have two kids (at least). These archaic views play a big part in the larger scheme of things – like they do not have proper health and medical facilities, do not have proper education, do not get enough food and other resources, etc. And if you think this is just in India, then think again. This is the situation in every other country that is densely populated. 

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In fact, not just our social attitude but also the overturning of a significant case like Roe v Wade affects overpopulation. Wondering how? Let me explain. Most countries tend to see the United States of America as an ideal nation that is more accepting and more broad-minded when it comes to the fundamental rights of women such as abortion. And so when a judgement is passed in that nation where abortion is not considered to be a fundamental right – things are going to affect other countries that are dealing with the issue of overpopulation. 

The fact that a country like the US has passed a law that states that abortion is not a fundamental right of women are problematic. Other countries that are now just forming their abortion rights and listing down the fundamental rights of women will tend to follow in the same footsteps. And that means that more and more women from around the world will not be able to terminate their pregnancies legally and that will result in more kids. Now, it also means that at times when the parents are aware that the child is born with abnormalities/disabilities, they will not be able to terminate the pregnancy – since not everyone has the resources to go to another country and get an abortion. This will result in more kids with conditions who will not get proper treatment or will not be looked after in a good way.

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Anti-abortion laws that the countries have (and might) come up with in future will see a serious spike in population, as well as the quality of life and the human species, will be on a downfall. More and more women who may or may not want a child will be giving birth to children that might get the required quality of life in terms of finance, food, education, healthcare, etc. 

And so today, on World Population Day, I would like to urge all you readers to think about the greater good and see where we, not just as a country but as a planet are going. 

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