Twitter User Has Best Response To End Mumbai And Delhi’s Tu Vs Aap Debate. Kusha Kapila Agrees!

Yeh hai Bombay meri jaan!
Twitter User Has Best Response To End Mumbai And Delhi’s Tu Vs Aap Debate. Kusha Kapila Agrees!

I knew people were particular about the personal pronouns they associated themselves with. But the recent Tu VS Aap debate on Twitter has changed the game forever for me! A huge debate erupted on Twitter the day before when a Delhite said that Mumbaites addressing people using ‘Tu’ and not ‘Aap’ was disrespectful. Of course, Bambaiwale took this personally, and united to share hilarious memes on this issue. Amid this debate which was light-hearted, a Twitter user brought a glorious end to this Tu VS Aap charcha by shedding light on which the pronouns used by the city are not important but which city offers better safety to women is. On this, Tweeple collectively said that Mumbai is wayyy safer for women than Delhi, and even Kusha Kapila agreed with this.


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The Twitter user @shreemiverma tweeted that the Tu VS Aap argument should end at the fact that if a woman is drunk, and mostly reaches home safely using public transport only in one city. This one was a truth bomb, honestly! Delhi is a nightmare for women if they want to venture out after dark.

Mumbai stans came in support of the Twitter user’s opinion on the city’s safety for women. Even Kusha Kapila tweeted agreed that Mumbai is safer for women than Delhi. She gave a personal example of when she was cycling in Delhi once, a car started following her shortly.

Another user also backed this claim and said that when she was in Mumbai in 2011, she often got back home late in the night, and did not feel scared travelling alone.

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These tweets remind me of the Mohammad Rafi song, ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Jeena Yahan;! No matter how difficult it is to live in Mumbai, this city has always been welcoming, and made people from other cities feel at home! Mumbai is definitely meri jaan!

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