Karnataka HC Wants CCTVs Installed In Morgues As Docs Have Sex With Women’s Dead Bodies. These Are Our Saviours?

Doctors or monsters?
doctors have sex with female dead bodies

Doctors are the ones we trust to save us in situations of life and death, right? We do everything they say blindly, and have also deemed them as Gods on Earth. In most cases, we do not even see the hearing cases of the doctors and trust them with our most intimate health issues. But the monstrosity exhibited by some doctors will make you question the doctors’ Godly image. In a recent case of how some of these male doctors are behaving disgustingly, it has come to the notice of the authorities that the doctors in the morgue are having sex with the female dead bodies. Even writing about this made my skin crawl.

As per a news report by India Today, the Karnataka High Court issued an order to all private and government hospitals in the state to instal CCTV cameras in mortuaries to keep a check on sexual crimes against women’s dead bodies and prevent them. The state authorities have been given a deadline of six months to ensure that this directive is followed.

Shockingly, the HC had to issue such a directive after hearing a case of necrophilia and murder. The bench said that the attendant doctors in both private and government hospitals who are in charge of the morgue, have been having sex with the dead bodies of young females. Hence, this order to install CCTV ca,eras was issued so as to protect the dignity of the deceased women.

Apart from this, the HC bench consisting of Justice B Veerappa and Justice Venkatesh Naik also issued some other guidelines which are to be followed by the hospitals.

1. They said that the morgues should be regularly cleaned so that the bodies are kept in a clean place.

2. The bench also asked for records of suicide cases and deaths due to HIV to be maintained with confidentiality.

3. The staff should be sensitised on how to handle the body of the deceased with sensitivity.

4. The autopsy of the body should be done in such a way that the common public cannot see it.

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Medical practitioners performing necrophilia show how a woman is not safe from the hands of predators even after she is dead. Hope these directives are followed, and the culprits are punished severely.

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