Indian Woman In US Loses Her Savings To A Crypto Scammer On Dating App. This Is Disturbing!

Ladies, be careful!
Indian Woman In US Loses Her Savings To A Crypto Scammer On Dating App. This Is Disturbing!

Many of us look for love and companionship on dating apps. While it works for a few lucky ones, the others eventually give up. However, the shocking case of an Indian woman in the USA losing all her savings to a crypto scammer on a dating app will only make you think twice before making an account on these platforms. The woman fell prey to a scammer posing himself as a French wine trader on the app. He lured her into “Fake Love” with loving messages but it ended up being a traumatising experience for the woman after she realised she lost  $450,000 to him.

What Happened?

The Indian woman named Shreya Datta (37) met the man on a dating app called Hinge. The man posed himself as a French wine trader “Ancel” from Philadelphia. As per the woman’s ordeal with the media, they connected quickly and their conversation moved to WhatsApp very soon. The man also deleted his profile on the dating app to gain her trust and give her all the “attention”. Both of them connected over video calls too, however, it was later discovered that they were fake AI-created videos. “Ancel” gained Datta’s trust with little gestures like asking her about the day, checking up on her regularly during the day and showing her affection which she felt missing after her divorce. The real scam began when the alleged scammer introduced the victim to a crypto-trading app which looked like a trustworthy platform as it had two-factor authentication, as per reports. “Ancel” convinced Datta to invest her savings into crypto and she gained more confidence after she could withdraw some amount during her initial investments. However, Datta soon realised that there was something fishy with the platform after it demanded a personal “tax.” The woman had invested nearly $450,000 (Rs. 36922477). As per news reports, Shreya Datta immediately reported the matter to the FBI and Secret Service but has received no response from either of them. She is currently going through therapy and is in severe debt. Furthermore, she is also traumatised by public judgements that were fired at her after this shocking incident. 

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It’s sad how people behave insensitively around victims of these scams. While it’s very easy for them to think that she should have been more careful in this case, what people fail to understand is that a normal human being will not think about such extreme situations while dating a person who seems to behave like any other man would. The alleged scammer made everything look so real by connecting on video calls and sending her flowers that nobody would ever think that it could be a scam too. However, this certainly can be a lesson for all of us on how we can look for signs before it is too late.

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