Exclusive: Rainbow Rishta’s Trinetra Haldar Discusses Dating Apps, Says “Disrespect Is The Biggest Red Flag”

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The representation of the LGBTQ+ community in the mainstream cinema has increased over the years. Recently, a very heartwarming series titled Rainbow Rishta released on Prime Video, and this series gave us a more deeper insight into the life and lifestyle of the people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. It also stars Trinetra Haldar, an actress who is also a strong voice for her community. In a recent conversation with Hauterrfly, the Made In Heaven fame star shed light on her idea of dating, dating apps and red flags. Trinetra further highlighted some of the problems that she faced as a trans woman on dating apps and how that made her more inclined towards organic dating.


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Q: As a transwoman, what has your experience been with dating apps? What is an ideal date for you?

Trinetra called herself ‘Very fortunate.’ She further said, “There are so many people from the trans community, or the inter-sex community to have a much harder time, especially on dating apps. On a daily basis I hear, people being banned from it, or being reported for no reason, or having violent experience on dates and it has happened with me too. But today, I am in a position where I don’t need or depend on dating apps as much as I did in the past. I find it easier to meet people in person as they already know who you are, and I feel that organic process is a lot better. Trinetra further added, “I did not believe that earlier as a trans woman because I felt the need to tell people about myself first and then meet.” She also revealed about her current dating life and said, “I have just come out of a relationship. I am dealing and processing all of it, but I am really happy.”


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Q: Can you share what are transwoman-specific relationship red flags for you? Green flags?

Rainbow Rishta star Trinetra Haldar also shared her opinions about the biggest red flags in any kind of relationship. She said, “I can’t speak for all trans women because we all come very different experiences. But personally, the biggest red flag in any relationship is disrespect. I remember Shefali Shah also said this in one interview and I agree with that. Disrespect does not look like violence or someone cracking a homophobic joke, it comes in small forms like when you are ridiculed in front of friends, or your time is not valued.” Trinetra further added, “One should recognise that disrespect and confront it, work through it or walk away from it.” Trinetra also highlighted another red flag in a relationship which is consent. She put forth her definition of consent and said, “Consent is not simply a yes or no, it needs to be enthusiastic and people should have conversations about it because it’s not that simple anymore. If someone can’t respect it, no matter how he educated or successful they are, it does not matter.” Trinetra Haldar also recalled a scene from Rainbow Rishta where her character talks about consent.


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Rainbow Rishta is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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