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Delhi Woman Thrashed On Road Asks Police To Drop Charges Against Fiance. Sad, Women Often Forgive Abusers!

March 23, 2023 | by Pragya Dubey

In the viral video from Delhi’s Mangolpuri, the physical abuse by the man was very evident. He had the audacity to thrash the woman in the middle of the busy road. However, in the latest released video statement by the woman, she has called the fight a “Misunderstanding” and also stated that things have been sorted between them. The man in the video was actually the woman’s fiance, as per her statement. She even expressed her gratitude towards the Delhi police for the quick response but has appealed to them to drop all the charges against her. Unfortunately, even the police wil no longer be able to help the woman in such a situation as she has not filed a complaint against him.

The viral video made every woman in this country angry! After the video went viral, many social media users demanded justice for the woman, and well, that was justified. It is so sad to now know that the woman still chose to stay with such a man. The actions that were condemned by the entire country and something that is considered to be a punishable offence were dismissed by the woman as a mere misunderstanding, as per the news.

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Now, tbh, we will never understand a woman’s decision of going back and settling things with her abuser. Maybe it’s not a voluntary decision taken by the woman and she might have been forced into it. It’s just that the entire picture will never be known to us, but it’s definitely unfortunate that the woman will be staying with her abuser for the rest of her life. And now, that man will take more liberty to overpower her. We hope she finds the strength to fight it back!

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Pragya Dubey

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