Alia Bhatt Feels ‘Very Disheartened’ After Culprits Of The Viral Dog Assault Case Flee Without Punishment

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Alia Bhatt Feels ‘Very Disheartened’ After Culprits Of The Viral Dog Assault Case Flee Without Punishment

In a recent distressing turn of events, Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has expressed profound disappointment following the escape of the culprits involved in the viral dog assault case that shook the nation. The incident, which occurred on Feb 15, was captured in a horrifying video that depicted staff members of Vetic Pet Clinic brutally assaulting a defenseless dog.

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The viral footage, captured by a CCTV camera, showed the two vet clinic employees mercilessly beating a Chow Chow pet dog at the Vetic Pet Clinic in Thane. The graphic nature of the video sparked widespread outrage across social media platforms, with netizens demanding swift and severe punishment for those responsible for the heinous act. In response to the alarming situation, Alia Bhatt took to her Instagram stories to convey her distress, describing the incident as “very disheartening.” Her message echoed the sentiments of countless individuals who were appalled by the cruelty inflicted upon the innocent animal.


However, despite efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice, reports have emerged indicating that both accused individuals have fled and gone into hiding following their arrest. This development has raised concerns about the efficacy of existing laws and the ability to ensure justice for the victimized animal. Amidst the ongoing investigation, questions have been raised regarding the adequacy of penalties imposed for such acts of cruelty. Despite the filing of an FIR and the initiation of legal proceedings, doubts linger about whether nominal fines can serve as an adequate deterrent or if the accused individuals will be granted bail and evade accountability once again.

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Meanwhile, the dog at the centre of the controversy, named Tofu, is reported to be a two-year-old Chow Chow breed. According to Nilesh Bhange from the organization PAWS, Tofu’s owners are currently on vacation, and the dog was placed in a nearby kennel where the unfortunate incident occurred.

As the investigation progresses, authorities are working to uncover the motives behind the brutal assault and ensure that justice is served for Tofu and all animals subjected to such acts of cruelty.

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