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Women’s Safety In Delhi Is Going To The Dogs, Crime Rate Rise By 16.9%

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Crimes, assaults, rapes, reports, and cases against women have just been limited to the papers now. There is absolutely no strong effort made in India to deal with the atrocities that hundreds of women have to go through each day. I bluntly say this because many reports and cases that make headlines would not be there in the first place if enough measures were taken against them. Again, a recent report that makes us boils with anger comes from the “Rape Capital,” where the crime rates against women have witnessed a rise. The reports also give us specific areas of abusive crimes that have seen a rise in Delhi, and in fact a considerable rise!

The Delhi Police shared data on Wednesday about the crime rates against women in the capital. The data revealed some shocking and sad details about human horrors that women face. As per the report shared by the Police, the estimated time period of the data was from last year till July 15, 2022. The data shows that crimes against women have increased by 16.9%. In the data, it has also been revealed that this time a 30% spike was observed in the abuse and torture by husbands. It is very shocking to see that according to the data cases where a woman has been raped and tortured by her husband were reported a lot in 2022. Comparing the cases from 2021, which was 2,096, the number shot up to 2,704 this year. 

As per the news article, rape cases saw a slight rise from 1,033 to 1,100 this year. However, the intensity of rape cases reported from the capital cannot be denied even if there has been a marginal increase in the number of cases. Molestation cases in Delhi spiked from 1,244 to 1,480 in 2022. The senior police officer said that there has been an increase in the number of women coming forward to register the cases. 

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The is getting worse every day. Hoping, that authorities will take note of this and also some strict steps.

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